How The December 2018 Full Cold Moon In Cancer Will Affect Your Love Life & Relationships

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When Is The December 2018 Full Cold Moon In Cancer? How Lunar Energy Affects All Zodiac Signs In Love & Relationships
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Those who enjoy following astrology and learning about the zodiac signs are likely asking themselves right about now, "When is the next Full Moon in 2018?"

Well, if you made it through the last two to three months without running off and hiding in a cave, pat yourself on the back.

Your reward is one of the best Full Moons of the year — the Full Moon in Cancer on December 22, 2018.

Why is it called the Cold Moon?

As explained by the The Old Farmer's Almanac, the Full Cold Moon's name is "fittingly associated with the month when the winter cold fastens its grip and the nights become long and dark."

It also occurs in close proximity to the winter solstice on December 21.

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Coming in at 0' Cancer and with Mercury finishing its shadow cycle from the past retrograde, December's Full Moon in Cancer promises anything but. There will be plenty of warm and fuzzy feelings all around, especially around dating, love and romantic relationships!

Now is the perfect time to use that radiant Cancer lunar energy to connect with family, forgive past slights, and bring in some holiday magic.

Yes, love is definitely in the air with Venus trine Neptune precisely a day before it joins the Full Moon in Cancer. You will likely be fortunate in your social life and feeling compassionate towards people in general.

Creative and romantic juices are flowing making this a perfect time for cuddles, tender kisses and caress to spice up the Christmas season. This is a great planetary position for romance so attend those holiday parties and hang out by the mistletoe. You could meet your new beloved!

In addition to the harmonizing energy of Cancer and Venus, this December 2018 Full Moon in Cancer is sextile Uranus, creating a cosmic wheel of fortune where opportunities and surprises are in the forecast.

Stay open to receive the gifts that this Full Moon brings — possibly an unexpected romance or a financial blessing to blast away the winter blues.

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Uranus sextile Uranus is a super successful placement that is likely to add some cosmic magic to the twinkling holiday lights.

The gifts keep piling up as the Full Cold Moon joins Betelgeuse in Orion, creating a wintry mix of abundance and success.

Betelgeuse is a masculine kingly force that brings with it prestige, power, and wealth. Add Betelgeuse’s influence with the Sextile in Uranus mentioned above and you have a recipe for unexpected connections and opportunities for fame and fortune.

What’s not to love about this December Full Cold Moon in Cancer? It’s time to eat, drink, and be merry!

Here are 3 ways to harness the lunar energy and magic of this December 2018 Full Cold Moon in Cancer.

1. Let intuition be your guide.

A stroke of good luck, a fateful meeting, or a life-changing opportunity could present itself unexpectedly during this time.

Keeping yourself open will give you the insight you need to play that wild card to your advantage.

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2. Extend the olive branch.

Clear up lingering misunderstandings from the last few months. The warmth of this full moon brings positive vibes to put an end to lingering disputes.

Don’t be shy. Ask for and offer forgiveness when the situation warrants and let love and good cheer reign this holiday.

3. Let it go.

This is the season for miracles and this full moon will bring many blessings and opportunities. However to receive all the universe has in store for you, you have to be ready to accept. The Full Moon is ultimately about letting go of what is no longer serves you, and with this Moon, in Cancer, you are invited to look around at your relationships.

As mentioned above, forgive those who have hurt you in the past, but also forgive yourself.

As situations change and things don’t always go as planned, be okay with what comes up and let go of expectations as you prepare for the new year!

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