5 Subtly Brilliant Ways To Make Your Wife Want Sex 1,000X MORE

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How To Increase Female Libido When Your Wife Avoids Intimacy

How to make her sex drive even stronger than yours!

Does your woman have a lower sex drive than you? Are you always the one who initiates sex, only to get turned down virtually every time? Do you want to know how to turn it around and make her sex drive stronger than yours?

Look, stress, age and medical factors can all cause a loss of libido in women but no matter what the case, you can make her sex drive a lot stronger.

Here are 5 simple tips you can use to start boosting your woman's libido and make her chase you for sex:

1. Stop being "nice" in bed


A lot of guys think that being nice in bed is the way to make women come. Obviously, I’m not suggesting that you act like a jerk in bed. What I am suggesting is that you act like a man who is turned on and wants his woman.

It turns her on to know that she’s turning you on, so much that you’re barely able to control yourself.

Now think about this… If she’s turning you on so much that you’re barely able to control yourself, would you act timid and gentle? Would you be passive and wait for her to tell you what she wants?

Hell no!

You’d grab her, throw her on the bed (without hurting her of course) and give it to her hard! When we act "nice" in bed, we repress our arousal and act "appropriate".

It butchers her attraction and makes her feel like she doesn’t turn you on. Set your arousal free and let her feel what it’s like to be with a MAN.

2. Don't wait 'til you're in bed to make her FEEL sexy and wanted 

When you go to a restaurant, you get appetizers; they’re small, delicious and they leave you wanting more.

Make her crave more of you at random times with small, delicious sexual appetizers. Grab her, pin her against the wall and give her a deep, passionate kiss. Then walk away and go on about your day.

If she’s sitting down, walk up behind her. Run your hands through her hair. Pull her hair back to expose her neck and kiss it for a minute or two.

Make her FEEL sexy and wanted all the time. Not just when you want some.

3. Stop trying to make her come


If you’re focused on giving her an orgasm, you’re not enjoying the moment and she knows it.

She can feel you focusing on her orgasm and because she wants to please you, she’s going place her attention on trying to have one too. But this makes it virtually impossible. Orgasm is a by product of pleasure, so focus on her pleasure and the orgasms will follow.

Stop focusing on the destination. Enjoy the ride and before you know it, you get there.

4. Give her something new 

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine, especially when we find something that works. But women crave a variety of sexual experiences and if you’re not giving them to her, she will get bored.

You might think that changing positions a few times or varying the speed of your thrusting is "mixing it up"… it’s not.

Sometimes your girl wants to be ravenously dominated. Sometimes she wants to take control. Sometimes she wants to make sweet, passionate love and sometimes she wants to get 50 shades of hella kinky.

Make a bedroom bucket list together and take turns crossing each item off the list. One week it’s one of her fantasies and the next it’s yours.

Here’s the key: DO NOT judge her for any fantasy she shares with you. EVER! If you do, she will never open herself sexually to you again and she’ll always repress her true sexuality.

And don’t be afraid to let her in on your dirtiest desires. Even if she’s disgusted by some of them, the fact that you’re sharing them with her will make her more comfortable sharing with you.

5. Make her come more


A lot of guys can’t handle hearing this but because you’ve read this far, I know you can.

How much your woman craves sex is in direct proportion to how often you make her come. Think about it. Women can have many different types of orgasms. They can have multiple orgasms in a single session.

They can have light, playful orgasms that make her giggle and squeal and she can have deep, INTENSE orgasms that send powerful, pulsating waves of pleasure through her entire body while she’s left wondering what way is up.

The female body is able to have A LOT more sexual pleasure than ours. When you’re one of the rare guys who knows how to give it to her… she wants it ALL THE TIME!

So learn how to give her many different types of orgasms and her sex drive will skyrocket!

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