Let Your 5 Senses Create Your Sensual Home


By using all of the five senses, you can make guests feel welcome into your home.

Decorating your house with a focus on the senses can change the way that you experience your home and feel about yourself. By making your home inviting to yourself and your guests, you can transform your space into a sexy retreat from the outside world. By being aware of how the elements in our home stimulate the senses, we can manipulate them to make the most sensual environment for ourselves, our friends and our lovers.

A beautiful home can restore and replenish both visitors and the people who live there unlike anything else. Every time I open the door to my home, I want a wave a pleasure to wash over me, leaving me feeling instantly sexy and luxurious. I want guests who cross my doorstep to feel worries melt away, as all of their senses become consumed with calm sensuality. This is especially important for my lovers, who I want to leave with a desire to come back for more.

The qualities I desire out of my home are not unique. Across history and cultures, people have used home design to cultivate sexy spaces. Hosting guests with grace and abundance takes the form of art in many places today, as hosts strive to pamper guests with utmost generosity. Unfortunately, the mainstream focus on interiors can be uptight and keen to gloss over sexuality rather than to cultivate it, an unfortunate turn of events for naughty girls and their guests.

For my home, I turn to the sensuality-soaked designs of France, where people have never shied away from the sexy side of life. Through French design, we can learn how to engage all five senses in our homes to maximize the erotic potential for ourselves and our guests. In "Fatale: How French Woman Do It," author Edith Kunz sets up some ground rules by stating, "It all starts with the grand welcome. The flattering acknowledgement at the door surpasses any greeting given in public. And the reception of guests is a studied art in Europe."

I incorporate her advice into my home by attending to the entrance, greeting my guests with fuzzy slippers to wear and offering them a choice of seating: by fire or fountain, to suit whatever element my guests' nerves require. By ritualizing how we let people into our homes, we enhance the home's spa-like power. You can emphasize your hospitality by catering to all of the senses. Edith Kunz sums it up best when she writes, "To set the stage for sublime moments one can activate all the forces of sight, smell, taste and sound to arouse the anticipation for the final explosion."

The next time you get an urge to nest or redecorate, be mindful in what you choosing, taking care to pick items that suit your tastes and make you feel sexy through all of your senses. By being true to yourself, you can become the best host possible by harnessing your confidence and feminine power. Not only will you feel sexier in your own home, you can let your inner femme fatale out to play in all of her glory.

Remember, it all starts at the door. To truly entertain guests with genuine hospitality, give a grand welcome. Be attuned their needs and your own to genuinely leave the world at the door step and enter the naughty oasis of your making. Keep Reading...

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