Sex and Tantra Workshop Safety


As a strong advocate of positive sexual expression, I support numerous teachers, healers and their work­shops. Sexual energy is a powerful force, and sacred sexual workshops are potent avenues for healing and trans­formation. And they may also engender wounding.

I encourage you to be pro-active - become informed, and create your own personal safety around any workshop experience. Please consider the following suggestions before you decide if a workshop or specific teacher is ap­propriate for you:

• Conduct an interview. Speak directly to the facilitator to get a sense of their overall philosophy regarding sacred sexuality, and also their teaching mode. Ask a few direct questions to determine if they are in alignment with your own belief system. Don’t hesitate to inquire about their training and exper­ience.

• If you have experienced sexual abuse, trauma, or addiction, consult with a mental health professional as to whether parti­cipation in a workshop is appropriate for you at this time. Many professionals offer free consultations.

• What is the workshop pre-registration screening process? Questions regarding the presence of the above conditions should be included in the process.

• Be aware that meditative and sexual energy exercises that you may experience in a workshop often induce alpha states (deep relaxation, brain fog) along with strong sexual anticipa­tion. Nei­ther is conducive to clear thinking regarding sexual engagement and safer sex responsibility.

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