How To Please A Man In Bed So He Never Even THINKS About Cheating

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Ladies: Stop guessing and do THIS.

Ladies: Stop guessing and do THIS.

Want to know how to really please your man?

We all feel insecure about our relationship at times, particularly if we are head over heels in love with the one we're with. It's difficult at times, but necessary to fight the instincts of being needy, controlling or possessive, just because a man is acting weird.

Men act weird and withdraw for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes it's because we're in deep thought. Sometime it's because we're hungry. In other words, stop guessing what your man is thinking.

However, there is always room for improvement because men, like all living things, are evolving creatures who want different things at different times in our lives.

So if you really want to keep your man happy, attached and faithful, try to anticipate what he wants from you. Once you know exactly what he wants — go beyond, way beyond — and shower him with it. You don't have to be naturally wild, just smart and observant.

Within no time, you could have your boyfriend or husband eating from the palm of your hand. (And uh, sure, eating whatever you want.)

Guys aren't exceptionally complicated in the bedroom, and that's one area you can thank porn for, since most guys learned about sex from porn. (Imagine if they had learned about sex from Tantra or Taoism!)

So understand the basics of what men want in the bedroom. This is how you please him:

1. Take control and don't be shy.


First off, practically every man out there wants a more aggressive woman, one who is not shy or ladylike in her desires. They want a woman to initiate sex and to tell them exactly what to do. They also like women who talk dirty, who enjoy orgasming and letting loose, and who give good head.

Men are also tickled by women who send erotic texts, try to initiate sex in public, strip tease, masturbate and play with toys. The fantasy of the nymphomaniac girlfriend is fairly common. And yeah, that's a role that will be fun for you to play.

2. Ask him about his fantasies, and then enact them.


Not all men want anal sex, so don't conclude that you have to give him ALL of your love before he'll be happy. Instead of presuming, why not just ask him what he wants and what his darkest fantasies are? You may be surprised to learn how down to earth most men are about sex.

3. Try to read his mind.


Finally, don't settle for just being the good lover. Go a little bit further by anticipating what he's thinking and trying your best to give him his fantasy. Men do sometimes want you to read their minds, or at least probe them (ummm, usually not in that way!) so they will feel comfortable divulging secrets.

One of the best memes on Facebook we've ever seen has a picture of a porn star on it with the text reading: "Dream Girlfriend: Sees her man watching porn and says, 'Let's try that.'" There is a bit of wisdom in that. Instead of feeling shocked, threatened or repulsed at your man's desires, why not try to open your mind and explore with him some of these taboos?

If he's looking at porn or thinking about other women, ask yourself what specifically is turning him on? What can you do to give him his fantasy? Once he learns to associates you with his "fantasy", the ultimate girlfriend/wife who can give him everything he ever dreams of, he won't be tempted to cheat. He will simply want to share pleasure with you in a healthy and faithful relationship.

Learning how to please your man is simply a matter of learning your man first and then putting forth the effort to make him smile.


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