If Your Man Needs To Last Longer In Bed, These 3 STEPS Will Change Your Sex Life

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Ever wonder why some guys can last for hours in bed while others struggle to make it just 5 minutes?

Fortunately, learning how to get your man to last longer in bed without pills, creams, sprays or distraction techniques is easy once you have the right know-how.

There's a simple 3-step process that any man can use to outlast even the most orgasm-resistant woman and give her not only one but multiple penetration orgasms the very next time you have sex.

Sound good? Keep reading.

Coming too fast sucks! I know… I’ve been there.

In fact, men, if you’re anything like me, then it might have gotten so out of hand that just thinking about it before or during sex made you feel like you were about to come. Not only can this KILL your sexual self-esteem, but it also creates a negative association to sex in your brain.

You might not even realize it, but if your brain subconsciously associates the pain of embarrassment, humiliation, maybe even a possible break-up to your past experiences of premature ejaculation, your brain is also associating those negative connotations to sex as a whole.

This is why a lot of men who suffer from premature ejaculation more than once often find themselves suffering from erectile dysfunction soon after.

The brain (subconsciously) says to itself, Every time I have sex, it leads to pain. This is often the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction in younger men, and because sex is so physically enjoyable, we usually don’t even think about this as a cause.

But, once you know that you’re an amazing lover and are giving your girl incredibly pleasurable experiences in bed… both P.E. and E.D. tend to vanish very fast.

Before I reveal the simple 3-step method to lasting longer in bed...

Do not fall for all of the "last long products" on the market.

You might have already seen some ads for “last longer" pills, creams, or sprays that claim to work wonders in curing P.E. These are the worst things you can do for your sex life! Here’s why:

Any pill (even if it’s “natural”) can cause a dependence. The body gets used to whatever you give it on a regular basis. So if you think that you’re going to take some magical pill just until you “get over your P.E.," well, you, my friend, will not only find yourself physically addicted to that pill, but you’re most likely also going to have developed a mental addiction to it.

All of a sudden you won't be able to perform without it. Not because the pill actually works, but because, subconsciously, you know that you didn’t take it, so your mind can’t stop itself from focusing on it.

Last longer creams and sprays are another popular product that many guys get suckered into buying because, in all honesty, most of them do work. They work by desensitizing your “manhood.”

The problem is they also usually desensitize your girl's “womanhood.” If you had a hard time making her orgasm before, just wait until she’s made contact with one of these products. Now, it'll take her two or three times longer to feel any stimulation at all. Not good.

Finally, distraction techniques. I know a few guys who’ve had a lot of success with these. But there’s a huge elephant in the room that they don’t want to talk about… It takes all the fun out of sex!

What fun is it if you’re constantly forcing yourself to think about knitting every time you’re in bed with your girl? I don’t know about you, but I want to enjoy sex. If you’re not completely into the sex and fully enjoying it, your girl can feel that, and she won’t be fully into it either.

That’s why I suggest you keep your money and stick to this all-natural method of lasting longer and curing premature ejaculation.

3 Steps To Last Longer In Bed Tonight… And Every Night From Now On!

How To Last Longer In Bed Step #1: Get Past The First 5 Minutes

This tip alone is enough to make a lot of guys skyrocket their stamina instantly and, if you really do it, I guarantee you’ll last longer starting tonight.

When you first enter your girl, the sensation is new and completely different (compared to what your penis was feeling a few seconds ago), so you must get used to that new sensation before anything else. Most guys feel this incredibly pleasurable sensation and immediately start thrusting. This will only make it more intense!

When you first enter her, take it slow! Let yourself get used to the new feeling!

If you have to, stop. Just stay inside her for a minute while you rub her clitoris with your thumb, play with her boobs, kiss her or anything else that’ll let you stay inside her without moving (or with very little movement).

When you first start to thrust, go slow!

If you ever feel like you start “getting close," pull out, and immediately stop the stimulation! Don’t wait until it gets so intense that you can’t control it anymore.

The minute you feel like it’s too much, stop what you’re doing, and do something else. Go down on her for a while (trust me, she won’t complain). Try a different position. Get her to go down on you. Whatever you need to do to lower your sensation back down to a level you can control.

How To Last Longer In Bed Step #2: Avoid The 3 Stamina Killers

What I call the 3 stamina killers are the physical things you do with your body that cause premature ejaculation. They are:

1. Closing your eyes
2. Holding your breath
3. Flexing your PC muscle

Whenever you close your eyes during sex, you’ve only got one thing to focus on — the sensation in your penis. Whenever you focus on just one sensation like this, it’s going to intensify. In this case, intensifying the sensation you’re feeling in between your legs is going to guarantee you lose control very fast.

So keep your eyes open and appreciate the beauty that is in front (or on top) of you!

Next, make sure you’re taking full deep breaths. It’s normal to hold your breath much longer than you usually would when you’re having sex, but when you do this it builds unnecessary pressure in your body.

Whenever the body feels this type of pressure, the natural reaction is to find the quickest way to release it. In this case, it’s through an orgasm.

You don’t need any fancy breathing technique here… just make sure you’re doing it! Take full deep breaths, and you’ll notice your stamina improve dramatically!

Finally, let your PC muscles r-e-l-a-x. The PC muscle is the one you would tense and hold if you really needed to pee but had to hold it in.

Try it right now for a sec — pretend you really needed to take a leak but couldn’t. Feel that muscle tighten? A lot of guys tend to flex it during sex because they think it makes them feel bigger and harder to the girl they’re with… the truth is most of them barely notice it.

We feel it though. Flexing that muscle puts a high level of pressure on the body (just like holding your breath)… and what happens next? Yup, the body looks for that quick release.

So stop flexing that muscle during sex and you’ll find yourself lasting much longer in bed. Sometimes it might seem tough to keep control of that muscle. Sometimes it feels like it just creeps up on you, and then, it’s locked. You can’t get it to calm back down. The way to fix this is by doing a simple 3-second exercise, and it’s possibly one of the most important that any man can do.

The Most Important Sex Exercise You'll Ever Do:

Every so often throughout the day, just flex and hold your PC muscle for a few seconds. Hold it for as long as you like, just make sure you do it daily. Doing this will give you full control over it and will make a massive difference when you’re with a woman in bed.

The beauty of this exercise is that you can do it anywhere, anytime and no one will ever know you’re doing it! Plus it also strengthens your core muscles which are essential not only when it comes to sex, but also in all physical aspects of your life.

This is also known as a Kegel exercise and is probably one of the most important exercises you’ll ever do!

How To Last Longer In Bed Step #3: Calm Your Mind

It can be tough to overcome premature ejaculation once you’ve already experienced it several times. The mind starts to play tricks on us, and we tend to worry about it happening again whenever we’re about to have sex or even while were in the middle of it.

As we all know, the more you worry about it, the more it’s likely to happen again. You’ve probably heard something like “relax, it’s just sex” or “just don’t think about it”… but that’s a lot easier said than done.

One of the best ways I’ve found to keep yourself from worrying about it is to focus on giving HER pleasure.

If you came earlier than you wanted to the last few times you had sex, then forget about your orgasm. Decide right now that you won’t have another orgasm until you give your girl at least two. Do this by making your next session completely about her pleasure.

Give her a few oral and fingering orgasms. Once you’ve done that, you’ll feel much more confident in your abilities to satisfy your girl, and you won’t be so worried. Also if you do still happen to come too quick after giving her a multi-orgasmic foreplay experience, she won’t be disappointed. She’ll still be satisfied, and she’ll do everything she needs to help you keep cool and relax the next time.

You now know exactly how to last as long as you want in bed... but just lasting longer doesn't do you any good if you don't know the secrets to her pleasure and orgasms.

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