8 Amazing Sex Lessons Learned From UFC Champion Conor McGregor

conor mcgregor

Learn from the champ.

I enjoy watching the fights. They remind me to respect, appreciate and stay in tune with the animal parts of us that unfortunately, many repress and try to ignore.

I’ve also long been interested in the undeniable correlations between fighting (as a professional sport) and sex.

After watching Conor McGregor's unbelievable 13 second knockout win over former champ Jose Aldo in 2015, I thought it might be beneficial to take a closer look at his keys to success and see how they might apply to creating a superior sex life.

And now, with his big showdown with Floyd Mayweather coming up, all eyes are on McGregor to see if his skills, technique and mental preparedness can defeat one of the greats. What we do know for sure, is that those very things can help you succeed in the bedroom and have sex you and your partner both deserve. 

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Check out the 8 Lessons I Learned From Conor McGregor that Can Dramatically Improve Your Sex Life.

1. Observe and Study Human Movement

If you watched any of his pre-fight build ups, you know that Conor worked with a “movement coach” and has said he is an avid student of human movement. So I have a question for you. Have you ever noticed how women move when they get on top?

Unless they’re doing it only for your pleasure, they usually don’t go straight up and down as fast as they can. They grind you strategically so that you rub against the parts of her that provoke orgasm.

This is a basic fundamental that many guys miss because they don't pay attention to their woman's movements.

2. Take Charge and Take Over

If you watched his post-fight press conference after the Jose Aldos fight, you saw Conor take charge and take over the podium.

Be a man in bed and take charge. Tell her what to do. Take over her body and dominate her orgasms. As he said before “We’re not here to take part, were her to take over.”

3. Get Inside Her Head First

Conor spends an entire year getting inside his opponents' heads. By the time both men are finally inside the octogan, his opponents are often mentally off balance to say the least.

This reminds me of the importance of giving your woman foreplay well before you want to have sex. If you wait until you’re turned on and ready to rumble to get inside her head and make her think sexy thoughts, foreplay can get tedious and boring... for both of you. When you get inside her head BEFORE getting to the bedroom, she’s already orgasmic and her body is already on the verge of giving in.

4. Take Inspiration From the Animal Kingdom

I’ve always found animal mating documentaries interesting. There’s no society or media telling them what’s right or wrong, what they should and shouldn’t do in bed. They don’t judge each other for giving into their primal impulses. They’re free from mental clutter and they allow their natural instincts to guide them. Learning the physical techniques to giving your woman more pleasure and stronger orgasms is obviously important.

But UN-learning all the “rules” and ideas you have about sex and what it's supposed to be is where you'll find your biggest opportunities for improvement.

5. Be Present, In The Moment, and Enjoy The Process

If you try to force the knockout, it never comes. And the same goes for her orgasms.

One of the biggest mistake guys make in bed is that they’re too focused on the outcome. Too much focus on making her orgasm. Stop it. Get out of you head and into the moment. Enjoy the process of pleasuring her body.

6. “Precision Beats Power and Timing Beats Speed.”  

If you've seen his knockouts, you might have noticed that the punches aren't usually that hard. However, as Conor said in the post fight interview after his Jose Aldos fight: “Precision beats power, and timing beats speed.”

If you’re using a fingering technique on your girl and just trying to go harder and faster, that might be the very reason she’s not getting there. Instead, learn the technique and practice it's precision.

7. Visualize

The biggest star in the UFC often talks about how he uses visualization and the law of attraction. If it sounds like woo-woo to you, then think of it more practically. Have you ever went to a fast food restaurant without first imagining it? No. That not how the human mind works.

We first imagine what it’ll taste like and how it will feel in our belly. So visualize making your girl orgasm. See your hand come up in front of your face (if you’re using a fingering technique) and see yourself doing that motion to her. Imagine what it’ll feel like against your fingers, the sounds in the room and the look on her face.

Also, incorporate the kind of language that will make her visualize, and you will be undisputed in the bedroom!

8. Make No Apologies For What You Want or Who You Are

 “I like the materialistic things” Mcgregor once said. Conor makes no apologies for what he likes and has no problem flaunting it.

NEVER make apologies for what you want no matter how perverted or "wrong" others might think it is. Freely embracing your true sexual self will not only free you to experience the most pleasurable sex possible, it also gives your woman unconscious permission to do the same, leading to much more exciting and satisfying sex for both of you!

Nick Hardwick is a sex expert and shares tips for a better sex life at SexYouDeserve.com