5 Ways To Make Your Sex Toys Last Longer


Sex Toys are an Investment in your Sex Life

5 Ways To Make Your Sex Toys Last

Sex toys are an investment in your sex life, so it’s important to take care of them the right way. With a little bit of care, your sex toys will last a lot longer. Here are a few tips to ensure your sex toys bring you satisfaction for years to come:

1.Remove batteries between uses. A leaky battery can ruin your favorite sex toy in minutes! It takes just a second to pop the batteries in and out and trust me, it will save on the life of both the battery and the toy. Use high quality batteries for your sex toys so that you can count on top performance. Save the cheap batteries for your flashlight! 

2. Put your sex toys away carefully. Make sure you don’t bend the wires at a 90-degree angle – most toys fail where the wire connects to the actual toy or to the controller. Ideally, you should wrap sex toys with a cloth or at least allow plenty of space so that different toys aren’t touching each other. (Some vibrators are built better then other sex toys. My all time favorite toy is the 5 Speed Bullet and it has extra heavy duty connections to the bullet and to the controller.)

3.Clean your toys with every use. There’s no need to scrub your sex toys under the faucet with soap – moisture and electronics don’t mix! An unscented baby wipe will do the trick but steer clear of anti-bacterial or scented wipes because they’ll irritate you and may be harmful to the toy. Strong cleansers with alcohol or other astringent products can create microscopic porous areas that can harbor bacteria. Ick.

4.Use a condom. If you are using your toys anally or sharing then with another woman or a man, please just put a condom on the toy and then once you’re done, take the condom off and clean the toy with a baby wipe! So easy!

5.Store your toys properly. Over the years I’ve experimented with different hiding places for my sex toy collection, with varying degrees of success.  The best sex toy storage places are discreet but easy to reach. Try a toy box made just for sex toys. We have a faux leather box and an adorable pink case that won’t arouse suspicion, but lock to ensure privacy. 

BONUS TIP: For a super affordable way to store your toys, I like to recommend a super affordable "bankers box" and write "INCOME TAXES 2001" on the outside. No one will look in there - not even your housecleaner.

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Blissfully, Chrystal Bougon

Sex Toy Expert and Owner of www.BlissConnection.com