6 Quck Tips For A Successful First Date


Imagine the following situation…

You approached an incredibly beautiful woman and she is totally into you. When you gave her a compliment she smiled like a child in the candy store and when you typed in her number, you could see that she is excited and delighted.

She wants to meet you and you already want her as your girlfriend.

It seems to be perfect. What could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, the answer is:

A lot!

You wouldn’t be the first guy who messes up the first date with the woman of his dreams, just because you make some stupid rookie mistakes that can be avoided altogether.

Let’s have a look at what you have to do if you want to turn your first date into an unforgettable experience.  

1. Don’t Text, Call

The first mistake that guys make is that they text a woman instead of calling her. I know, nowadays everyone is texting and if you tell someone that the main purpose of a smartphone is to call people, they look at you as if you were from another planet.

However, texting is a trap that can lead to a lot of misunderstandings and it can also motivate her and you to play stupid games.

Instead of playing the “who waits longer with the reply” you can simply call her and set up the date.

2. Sit Next to Her

Now that you are on your first date you shouldn’t even think about sitting opposite to her. The first rule for ever sales guy is that they sit next to the person they want to sell to.


This creates comfort, trustworthiness and it is not as confrontational as sitting opposite.

And yes, you are there to sell yourself, so make sure that you do it right.

3. Let Her Do the Talking

Women love to talk about themselves, so please shut up and listen.

If you stop doing what everyone else does (monologue after monologue) and allow her to share her life with you, you will learn more about her than any guy she has ever dated.

Of course you can then use this knowledge to say the right things when it is finally time to open your mouth.

4. Share Your Honest Opinion

No matter if you are talking about saving the dolphins or traveling the world with a motorcycle, be honest.

Too many men believe that agreeing on everything and pretending to be into stuff that she is into is the road to success.

Well, it isn’t.

She will respect you way more when you tell her that you can’t stand Justin Bieber than when you tell that you are the biggest Belieber of all time.

5. Change the Venue

An hour in a café can be exciting and interesting, at least when it is filled with deep conversations. Four hours in a café, however, can be quite exhausting.

One popular mistake that guys tend to make is that they don’t change the venue. This is stupid.

Changing the venue gives her the feeling that you experienced a lot more together than you actually have, which leads to more comfort and trust.

6. Go For the Kiss

How does the perfect date end?

For a lot of men it ends with a hug and a friendly “you can call me if you want”, but that’s not how it should end.

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She expects you to kiss her at the end of the date and if you don’t have the courage to go for the kiss, you force her to look out for someone else.