5 Ways Men Always Screw Up A Good Relationship

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Why is it so damn easy for men to screw up?

We've got smart, talented, beautiful women who actually chase us, more video games, sporting events, and action-packed movies than you'll ever watch, and every morsel of information about anything at your fingertips.

So why do men have a habit of messing up a good thing? It's easy, and here are a few of the usual suspects—some are fun, some are just plain dumb.

1. Wearing The Wrong Hats At The Wrong Time

Huh? Yeah—hats. You've got a stack of them and more on the way. But, although they make you feel pretty cool while keeping the sun off your noggin, there's plenty of room to screw up with a hat, especially if you want to score points with the ladies.

First, don't ever wear those animal-themed hats with the long dangling ear thingies. I've asked around, but no seems to know what this head wear is called besides embarrassing. Really, have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror wearing one of those furry long-eared hats?

Do you really think looking like a reindeer is going to work with the ladies? Same goes for wearing the old pulled-down baseball hat with the name of your college or university when indoors and especially on a date in a restaurant.

This screams that you never really graduated. Save it pounding brews with your buddies.

2. Being Rude To The Retail Or Wait Staff

It's true—no one really wants to wait on other people and some people really suck at it, but you've got to let it go.

If you react with anything more than a roll of your eyes or a laugh when the waiter brings you the pea soup with ham bits in it after you told him you were vegetarian, your date will not like it.

Women appear to have more empathy for these mistakes, and especially when they happen to you, so beware. If you raise your voice and dress down the waiter, you're earning negative points, my friend. Negative points.

3. Keeping Your iPhone On The Table During That First Date

Okay, you're a busy man. She gets it and likes that about you. But the first meeting is all about focus and paying attention...to her. Put the phone away, partner!

If you must, you can text your buds when she goes to the little girl's room. Make her feel like she is your top priority and you can't lose.

4. Being Late, Being Boring

Being late is common in NYC. I have been on both sides of the equation. For me, fifteen minutes is the maximum elasticity on time without shooting a text or a quick call for friends and business acquaintances.

If it's your first date, be early and if you are running even five minutes late, let her know. If you're a couple, treat her like it's your first date and you can never go wrong. It's called courtesy. Same goes for planning a date.

I like to eat, so my default date was always a nice meal. Most women secretly (or not so secretly) love to chow down. There are a million places to eat in New York and everyone loves exploring an exotic, out of the way bistro or someplace hot or tried and true.

That said, there is something to be said for seeing a new exhibit at MOMA or a cello concert at Lincoln Center or hitting golf balls at Chelsea Piers or snagging seats behind first base for a Yankees game, or...oh you know what I mean.

Do your best and use your imagination and you will be rewarded.

5. Being A Jealous Guy

Maybe it worked for Lennon, but too many men get all paranoid and bent out of shape when they realize that their lady friends have other friends that are guys.

Maybe there's some dude at her office that closes sales like Mariano Rivera or the sinewy guy who teaches her power yoga class or...the point is, there are other men in her life. But she wants to be with you. You are Numero Uno.

Remember that the next time she gives you a private showing of her new Agent Provocateur baby doll ensemble. Jealousy has been engrained in culture since the beginning of time, but can you think of a time where it did any good? It's a sign of insecurity and a waste of time.

Alright guys, ready to kick those easy-to-make man mistakes to the curb? 

This article was originally published at On Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Reprinted with permission from the author.