Love and Value Yourself - FIRST!

Love and Value Yourself - FIRST!

We are strong believers that your ability to attract love in your life is tied to your ability to love and value yourself. These practices are at the root of creating intentional love. When you embrace the idea that your experience in the outer world is nothing more than a reflection of your inner world, then it seems obvious that in order to attract and receive the love you desire you need to create that relationship with yourself first.

I can hear you thinking how great that sounds however, what does that look like in practice?

What actions can I take that teach me to love and value myself?

The place to start is to begin to examine your relationship with yourself and ask yourself some key questions:

1. Do I feel that others are always draining my energy?

2. Do I have a list of actions or activities that I do regularly to replenish myself?

3. Do I feel any resentment towards important people at home or at work?

4. Do I set and enforce my personal boundaries?

5. Do I know what my ideal day would look like?

6. Do I speak to myself in a harsh or critical tone?

7. Do I dwell on past mistakes?

8. Do I focus on what I haven’t yet accomplished?

9. Am I holding onto unresolved issues from the past?

10. Is there anything that I am unwilling to change or let go of in order to get what I want?

11. Do I take time for myself away from friends and family?

12. Do I focus on the present and reward myself for how far I’ve come on my journey?

If you answered yes to #’s 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 then that is a great place to start making changes. Pick one of these and add it to your New Year’s Resolution list. In order to avoid becoming overwhelmed, work only on one at a time and be compassionate towards yourself. There is no time limit for how long it should take to make these changes, its all a process.

If you answered yes to #’s 2, 4, 5, 11, or 12 then you already have some great practices in place. If you answered no, then these are great actions to add into your daily life. Once again it is best to take them one at a time.

So today’s tip is to spend time with this list, notice where you are not honoring your needs or hanging onto the past. Notice which practices you would like to develop and pick one to focus on for the next 30-60 days. Then move on to another and focus on it for 30-60 days, and so on. . .

Please let us know how you’re doing. We’ve set up a forum topic so that you can support one another and keep track of your progress. Click here to post on the forum: http://tinyurl.com/28nb9rl

Love and Abundance,

Orna and Matthew