Is Your Sex Drive Not High Enough For Him? Here's 7 Reasons Why

Love, Sex

Sex can be used to fulfill emotional needs....and I mean for men.

There is no mistake: once you are in the whirlwind of a high sex drive affair, all bets are off — and it's the only way to feel completely loved. Your body knows that you reached a point of no return when all your cells cry YES to the experience. It makes you walk on air, your skin glows and your love feelings are at an all time high. This is our own love movie, and we want more of that, right?

Sadly, things are never static, they keep moving and developing. We can have gorgeous sex with this person, most of the time, but other feelings beyond pure and unbridled lust intrude....

A high sex drive is a highly valuable quality, and you want a lot of it. We welcome the opportunity to play this game with all its intensity, while it lasts...

At some moment, the need to pause and examine our responses to this oh, so frenetic coupling game appear.

When is too much, too much? Too much of what? Of his enthusiasm? Of his adoration for you? Of his excessive need of you? This is not a negative quality, because you love been needed; we bring only a bit of clarification — for those times when you feel confused, exhausted and disconnected from him, regardless of his enthusiasm, and you ask yourself later, "what's going on with me?"

Perhaps you get so confused that you blame yourself for not being as sensual as you thought you were. The fact is that some other message is nagging at you through your intuition and you don't know what it is.

Well, here we suggest that a high sex drive could sometimes cover up other emotional needs far away from pure, vital and fun sex.

How many ways are there of displaying high sex drive to obtein other goals that are not directly connected to sexual satisfaction? Let's count the different ways that your partner can be using a high sex drive to fulfill his other emotional needs, covert under the sexual connection guise. 

How Your Partner Could Use His High Sex Drive Performance:

  1. Exert emotional control over you, his partner
  2. Gain some security against his fears of infidelity
  3. Get confirmation of his own sex appeal and desirability
  4. Avoid being alone by himself
  5. Feeling valuable and important in his life
  6. Recovering or confirming a "macho" self image
  7. Preempting other men from competing with him

Whatever the deep reasons are for him, once you discover that he is having a couple of reasons beyond making you feel very satisfied, it's up to you to understand and accept.

For you, is vital to clarify his hidden needs, and connect with him in ways different from only a high sex drive. Using this different take on his behaviors, perhaps you can approach the situation verbally and try to send the message that would assuage his fears? How could you send the message that's is OK for you to have more verbal communication before or after sex so you can understand him better? Without denying the pleasure provided by his performance, in what other ways he can relax and connect with you from his heart?

Each relationship has its challenges that can block both of you from experiencing your happiness to the fullest. If you dream of a high sex drive relationship, let's work together to improve your relationship towards having the most fun possible, with a free coaching session.