I would Have Never Guessed He Would Have Cheated!

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He cheated once, he may again—but this time it won't be on me.

"What does she have that I don't?" "I am so much prettier than she is. I cannot understand why he would cheat on me with her?" "I thought our relationship was great, how could she cheat on me?"

If you have ever asked yourself one of these questions than you can relate to the feelings of insecurity and inadequacy you get when your partner commits infidelity and lies to you. You are filled with self-blame, self-doubt and so many questions about what you did wrong, or what is wrong with you.

STOP. You are focusing in the wrong direction. You are not the person that is to blame; the person you need to focus on is the person that has done the cheating. This is not all about you, this is about a person that cheats.

If there is an issue in your relationship, your partner’s responsibility is to communicate that to you and try and resolve it. If you are unable to work these issues out and your relationship cannot be mended than the relationship should be dissolved. There is never a reason to cheat.

Many times a person that cheats has a  very narcissistic personality, and may get great satisfaction from attention of the opposite sex. Also there may be the thrill of doing something they aren’t supposed to. There are many reasons people cheat; it could be a huge mistake to never be repeated or, it can be a pattern they may repeat regardless of who they are with.

You need to reclaim your soul and spirit and move on from the past!

How To Move On

It is important to build your confidence back and love yourself after dealing with a cheater.  Spending time with meditation and exercise and eating right. When you look and feel your best you are in the right frame of mind and spirit to move forward with your life.

It is all right to be angry with the person that cheated on you. What they did to you was not okay, but you need to work through this anger and let it go before you are ready to start dating anyone else. Hypnotherapy is a great tool to help release and let go of unwanted feelings and emotions and memories.

Dating Again

When you are ready to start dating you need to understand that not everyone is going to be like the person you had the terrible experience with. You need to fight the insecurities if they creep in because they can be lethal to a new relationship. You need to offer them a fresh clean slate; they deserve your trust and an opportunity to prove to you who they are.

The most important point to remember is that you have a fresh opportunity with a new person and you are fortunate to have escaped the relationship from the cheater.

You must not let them own your soul, be true to yourself. Chances are they could be cheating on whoever they are with right now.

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