Do You REALLY Want This Relationship To Last?

Love, Heartbreak

When you want your relationship to work, try these 4 steps.

In relationships a decision must be made "do I really want this to work or not?" If the answer is yes, there are a few essential rules that must be followed:

1. Communication. This is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. If you can't talk to each other it will not last. You must develop a good flow of communication so you are on the same wavelength to stop any misunderstandings and make sure you are openly communicating. Without this you are left only guessing and assuming what is going on in someone else's mind, and that is deadly!

2. Trust and loyalty: You must be able to have trust in the relationship to build a strong base and foundation. Trust is what gives a person confidence and security and allows them to grow and nurture a budding romance. If this is not strongly in place, you will have cracks where doubt, jealousy and many other ugly issues will crop up. These are what break the complete infrastructure of your relationship and it will be destroyed. Obviously to have trust the partners need to be loyal, they go hand in hand!

3. Affection and words of Affirmation: Show your partner you care, tell them that you love them or have feelings for them, it is that easy! If you care about someone you need to let them see it, feel it and hear it. You have 5 senses use all of them to convey how you are feeling. Many people feel loved in different ways. Some people need to be told they are loved, others needed to have physical affection, and some need words of affirmation. Some have a combination of needs, the important aspect is finding out how your partner needs to be communicated to and do it! The book "The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman is a great book to help you find out which ways you and your partner desire to be loved.

4. Thoughtfulness: Taking time to show your partner that you care and want to do something for them is so important. This can be anything from a romantic message to let them know they were on your mind, to helping them complete a task. Any gesture that you do for them that helps them without being asked, buying them something without an occasion, or taking them somewhere very special. This shows you are thinking of them, you care, and you went out of your way to do something special. It is nice to mix it up and do different things, not always the same stuff, that makes it even more special.

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