Access Your Intuitive Body Wisdom

Love, Self

Stop sabotaging yourself and learn how to re-connect and re-align what you say, do, think and feel.

Are you constantly sabotaging your relationships? Do you want to know why?

Not just why, but how to listen to the messages from your body to give yourself what you need to self-love, and to create loving relationships. Then we would love you to join us. We will be exploring ways you can access and deepen a relationship with 'Intuitive Body Wisdom', to make wise choices for yourself and your life?

I am excited to announce Dr Sue Stack and I are inviting you to a 6 week online Exploratorium to develop a deep knowing and sense of what brings you happiness and what doesn't.

Find out more about the Exploratorium. Learn how to re-connect what you are thinking, with what you are feeling, doing and saying. This is what we call accessing your Intutive Body Wisdom, so you do what you say, and you pay attention to what you feel and sense?

Join us in one or two free mini exploratoriums this week, have guidance and experience love, connection and safety to become your true self. Click here to register.

11 am Monday 20th October, AEDT (5pm Sunday 19th October, PDT)

11 am Wednesday 22nd October, AEDT (5pm Tuesday 21st October, PDT)

This is highly participative, and for a limited number, so please reserve your seat if you would like to join. Please use the zoom link inside the email. We are not using googlehangouts.

Why, do you want to pay attenton to what you feel and what you sense?

So many relationship issues are due to us discounting our negative feelings. Yes, we override, pain and tension. We tolerate suffering and don't know what to do, so we feel helpless. We do not know how to listen to the messages from our emotions, that are there for a purpose. Yes, a purpose to bring us back to well being.

We allow our mental chatter to run the show! Fine if your thoughts are aligned with your feelings and senses.

But when they aren't, what happens?

  • You stay in relationships that do not serve you.
  • You falsely believe you can change someone.
  • You falsely believe if you love someone enough they will change.
  • You falsely believe you have to give yourself up to get love.
  • You falsely think you have to tolerate intimidation, humiliation, psychological, emotional, physical and financial abuse.
  • You leave good relationships.
  • You saboatge yourself and your life.

These are all thoughts and beliefs that are disconnected from what you feel. Learning to understand what beliefs you have, is one step. Learning how to interpret your body senses and emotions is another. We guide you to become navigator's to your best self.

Your beliefs are connected to your body and to how you feel.

If you are feeling great it is likely you have beliefs about yourself that are authentic and loving. If you are in a relationship with drama, pain and suffering it is likely you have beliefs about yourself that keep you in suffering. You may very well be wearing a mask and not owning your true self.

It is not that simple of course! Your feelings and beliefs are connected. The only thing we pay more attention to is our thoughts rather than connecting to our feelings.

Learn to trust your feelings, your body senses and body knowing it is there to guide you to well being. We would love to see you there. I love answering your questions and being a guide to you creating amazing realtionships. Please connect.

You do not have to suffer. Learn how to trust what brings you joy. Love to you and creating amazing relationships.

Deb Lange