What Women Really Want In A Man


Do you think you now what women want in a man? Think again discover what women of today really want.

This is the age old question that no man has ever had an answer for. Ask any woman you want, she will always tell a different story when compared to other women. And even the same woman will have different answers, some of them even contradictory. She will always have trouble explaining what it is that she prefers in men, and she will not even know what she needs. The conclusion comes directly: how could men know what women want when even they don't have the slightest idea of their preferences.

The simplest way to observe and understand what women want is to observe already stable and happy relationships. This usually means that a woman is happy, has a fulfilling relationship and basically, all her needs are met.

When she is not happy and doesn't find the relationship rewarding, she will find replacements. If the sex is not particularly fulfilling, she will eventually get a passionate lover. If she feels she doesn't get the respect she needs, she will definitely find the man that respects her. The women who are cheating are always looking for things that are missing in their already stable relationships or marriages.

A man needs to understand some basic things that all women desire from a partner and these are quite essential in any long term relationship:

1. She wants to be respected and appreciated as a unique individual. Make her feel special among the ladies out there. She wants a man that supports her in her quests and desires. Be a trustful and helpful partner.

2. Make sure to create a deep emotional connection that will build that intimate relationship even stronger. Women need to feel emotionally secure to create the connection that men want.

3. Make her feel like a woman, a passionate woman. She will feel beautiful, wanted, sexy and feminine. Make her enjoy her femininity and sexuality.

4. Here comes the hot part. All women want passionate, hot sex from their partners. She wants to be satisfied, seduced, wanted and taken to whole new world during the intimate moments. Experience new fantasies, explore new ways, roles. Make her feel alive and special every moment that you are together.

These are the basic needs any woman want but most men don't live to the expectations and most women will look for the best combination. Here are some of the types of men that women go for. Of course, it all depends on her preferences, age and social status.

The Bad Boy

This is a classic. All women sometimes in their life go for this type of guy. He gives her the exciting wonderful passionate sex. He is the masculine hunk that will eventually cheat and doesn't want to make any connection whatsoever so she will give up. At least some of the women do this.

The Nice Guy

Now here is the opposite of the bad guy: the wimp. She will make her wanted, appreciated and will easily create the emotional connection. His downsides are that he is not that masculine, so she will not think sexually of him. He will not turn her on and she will always think twice before getting married with such a guy. The nice guy simply make her spark.

The Un-emotional Guy

This is the guy women say is ideal but has a problem: he can't create emotional connection with her. He may be masculine and also not boring, plus the sex will be good. But there is something missing, which is the emotional connection. She will try and try, and try again to create the link, but to no avail.

The Gay Friend

This is the ideal friend for a woman. He makes her feel sexy, wanted and feminine, but he is gay, so that makes him not a viable option. It simply doesn't work.

The Married Guy

Women meet this type of guy all the time. This is the man that women go for when they are at their lowest point of their life. Low self-esteem women will go for him, as he can provides some sort of support. But she will eventually feel that she is not the first for him, she will feel unloved and unhappy.

The Result

So these are some of the men women stumble upon in real life. Wouldn't it be wonderful that at least one man to fulfill all the criteria? She will surely be happy. The man will connect, will provide the best sex, she will feel like a woman. That would be the best man ever. If only he would be real…