Can Swinging Really Divorce-Proof Your Marriage? You Decide!

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Could swinging be the key to saving your troubled marriage?

We are living in an age where it's common for you to hear of a swinging, divorces, breakups and unfaithfulness in relationships. Obviously, there are reasons for such occurrences.

Sexual Detours is a book written by Dr. Holly Hein which gives us exciting insights in relation to such occurrences. This book tackles subjects such as infidelity and gives instructions regarding how to deal with its aftermath.

She boldly opens up on the topic of divorce, affairs and marriage. In this book, love and sex are completely redefined.

Unfaithfulness is one of the most painful experience one can ever undergo. Unfaithfulness breaks the existing trust and puts asunder a relationship.

In one way or the other, you might have heard or seen somebody you know having an affair. What really comes to your mind in such a context?

Maybe it's even you having an affair. Naturally, no one would admit having an affair because of the stigma attached to it.

Openly reporting your affair may make you lose respect or be rejected by people. However, it's human nature for that to happen.

Swinging is a new way of making love and having unique sexual experiences without breaking an affair. However, it cannot work for everyone.

It also prevents loss of trust in a relationship. Swinging is ideal for those who understand what sex means.

Obviously, sex is, ideally, leisurely and fun. The truth is that we always need new sexual experiences in our lives.

Having sex with the same person day in and out is boring, and thus, compels you to seek another sex partner for more pleasure. Readers may disagree, but you will find that it's true.

Going by the released statistics, you will probably subscribe to my conclusion.

The biggest importance of a swinging lifestyle is that it helps keep your relationship and maintain trust.

Swinging also brings sexual satisfaction without the need to cheat on your spouse. When you agree with your spouse to go for this, you will experience a new difference.

Having a new sex experience can inject new life and pleasure in your bedroom. Furthermore, new sexual experiences bring excitement during sex between the spouses.

Most swingers believe that swinging is good because it occurs in front of their spouses, not only with their full knowledge, but also their full consent. Most of those queried about it said that swinging cannot in any manner destroy their relationships.

Surely, never has there been a report of a marriage broken because of swinging.