Want To Increase Pleasure With Your Partner? Try THIS In Bed


Is your sex life boring? Switch up your routine positions with this sexy foreplay.

At one time or the other, you've wanted to set aside basic sex positions and find a better alternative. Oral sex may be a better option, but have you ever thought of mutual masturbation? Well, some mutual masturbation activities might just be what you're looking for.

Mutual masturbation is an erotic activity where two partners or swingers touch and massage the genitals of each other, often as way to provide pleasure and orgasm. Incorporating mutual masturbation into your sex life makes a huge difference when it comes to sexual satisfaction, for both you and your partner.

Mutual masturbation is a great alternative to the traditional play. This activity comes in handy, especially if you and you partner long for different sexual frequency. Some people do not reach orgasm in partner sex, or are not satisfied after a sexual experience; this is where masturbation comes in.

If you find it difficult to communicate your sexual needs with your partner, you can suggest mutual masturbation and explore the possibility of diversifying your sexual experience.

Sometimes, this activity takes place among swingers, or between two friends who do it for a variety of reasons. In such cases, the activity does not involve romance, but there is generally increased frequency and quality of sex.

This also may include stimulation of your own genitals or your partner's; either way, great pleasure is achieved. Mutual masturbation can be common in swingers clubs, where people engage in many different sexual activities with the goal of achieving their desirable sexual pleasures.

In these clubs, a couple engages in mutual masturbation with another couple. Swinging could be a way for couples to ease into the lifestyle, and familiarize themselves with the idea of mutual masturbation.

Generally, manual stimulation is the simplest form of mutual masturbation. It involves the stimulation of the sensitive areas of your partner's body, especially the genitals. Flavored lubricants may be used to intensify the pleasure.

Most couples and swingers prefer to masturbate in front of each other while telling their partners all the little dirty things to create a hot and erotic scene. It's a great way to show your partner how you bring yourself to pleasure so they can learn.

In addition to the exciting pleasure, both partners can also show some progression in sexual maturity. They are able to discover more pleasuring techniques that help them enjoy and learn intimacy between them. Mutual masturbation allows swingers, couples and friends to explore the different ways in which their partners react to sexual approaches and pleasure.

Some people have the notion that mutual touching and masturbation with the same sex is homosexual, but the truth is that mutual masturbation does not, in any way, point to homosexuality. Experimenting with a friend is a good way of learning more about your body.

Mutual masturbation is a great way to achieve all the sexual pleasure you desire. However, some people would expect their partner to meet all their sexual needs.