Kama Sutra Sex Guide

kama sutra

Want to take your sex life to the next level? You need to be practicing Kama Sutra!

Are you having problems satisfying the woman in your life in bed? Do you keep second guessing yourself every time you want to try new sex positions? Do you want foreplay tips that will get you in the mood to lose control? Then look no further, Kama sutra sex tips is the way to go.

Regarded as the father of knowledge related to sex positions, you will never go wrong with comprehensive hand-me-down information available everywhere. If an orgasm is what you seek, then brace yourself to reach cloud nine. Get insights that will make you a master and not a slave of your bodily desires.

Some of the positions might look tricky, however, you do not need to be an athlete to get a hang of them, and consistent practice and a willing mind will just do fine. Thanks to the nitty gritty approach of Kama sutra, you are bound to get more than you can swallow. There is a wide selection of moves to try out, which also vary from one part of the room to the other.

No rules and no restrictions, whether you want to get it wet in the shower or sweaty in the sun, the preference is up to you. Just follow the instructions keenly, and avoid pulling a muscle. Therefore, if you are venturesome enough, then here is what you have to do to walk the talk.

If you think that all this time I have been directing my thoughts to the lean and lanky type, then here comes the reality check, size does not matter. Plus sized women can share the same fate and sensation, with the sensual doggy style. This is a plus for both partners, and can be achieved in almost all settings, from the confines of the bedroom to the living room in the absence of other parties. The doggy style can also be achieved with the parties involved lying prostrate on the ground or you stand behind her back with your hands on her waist and penetrate her gently.

If you are tired of the conventional sex styles and want to shake them off, you can try out Kama sutra sex and roll positions with ties to the historic book that with extra tips on how you can spice up the moment with soothing music and fluids, which can be used when getting intimate.

You can as well choose different sex positions in bed, with the woman on top or vice versa. With him lying flat, with your knees bent, you can sit on his lap and move up and down gently. Depending on how you like it, the movements can be fast or slow. Getting it right on a chair is sometimes tricky, however, nothing is impossible. With the man closer to the edge of the chair, it becomes less tasking. Some of the other positions you can never go wrong with include cowgirl and the spoon position that is revered by people with different heights.

Technically, with the negative perception that surrounds pornography, which tends to show disrespect to the inferior partner, Kama sutra does not share the same sentiments. This is because it is majorly based on affection and chivalry.

After going through most if not all the sex positions, you can make a list of the ones that you are fond off. Your body is an art and Kama sutra helps you to assume sex positions that your body postures can endure. There are 100 sex positions give or take, described in detail to fit your needs, and you can play around with them to come up with your own moves.You can buy a Kama Sutra book at any book store or even view positions online.

Your sex life can be a cosmic one or an overwhelming experience; it all depends on where you direct focus. Just Keep in mind one thing, the more creative you are in bed, the more you keep the fire burning in your love life. At the end of the day, the most important thing is experiencing a soothing game play with overwhelming ecstasy. With Kama sutra unique sex guides, there are no fears of going through a downward spiral in your love life.