Sex After A Heart Attack? Safe Tips Before Hitting The Sheets


Is it safe to have sex after a stroke? Maybe, but there are major health factors to consider first.

A heart attack is a serious matter that can change your life in an instant, and not once did it happen for heart attack sufferers to make radical changes in their lifestyle, from quitting smoking and drinking to eating healthier and going to the gym more often. Over the past several years, the number of people who have suffered a heart attack has increased, mainly due to unhealthy lifestyle and habits.

A heart attack can be fatal, and those who survive it risk to face fear, depression and anxiety, thinking that it might happen again at any time. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce one's risk of experiencing a second heart attack, and the well-known American Heart Association has released several guidelines that advise patients on how to lead a healthy sex life after they suffered a stroke, a heart attack or any other type of cardiovascular procedure. Patients that have gone through any heart-related disease or incident must understand that they heart health is fragile than before and they must avoid intense and prolonged efforts.

Unfortunately, few heart attack sufferers are aware of the importance of safe sexual activity after their health issue. Almost half of these people claim that they are scared of having sex even a year after the incident, fearing that they might experience another heart attack and that this time, they might not be as lucky as they were the first time.

On one hand, the lack of information regarding sexual activity for those who suffered a heart attack is because many physicians do not offer clear and accurate guidelines and advice to prevent another attack or stroke in the future. Based on the principle "it is better to prevent than to treat", many patients choose to stay on the safe side and to simply avoid sexual intercourse.

Health care professionals are the first ones who need to be educated about this matter, so they can also educate their cardiovascular patients on how they can still have sexual activity after a heart-related incident, without endangering their health. Resuming the sexual activity can take its toll on the cardiovascular health of the patient more than having sexual intercourse on a regular basis.

Essential Aspects To Consider For Sex After A Heart Attack:

Speaking of guidelines for cardiovascular patients, it must be mentioned that there are several aspects every heart attack sufferer must understand. One of them is the fact that sex does not pose as many health threats as patients tend to believe. It is perfectly normal to be worried about this aspect after an unpleasant cardiovascular incident but, at the same time, it is important to understand that the risk of sex triggering a second hard attack is extremely small. Patients can enjoy sexual activity as they did before the heart attack, provided that they do not have any cardiac symptoms like shortness of breath or intense chest pain when they work out. If they do not experience them while training, then they are unlikely to experience these symptoms during sexual activity.

It is not uncommon for the sex life of a patient to change after a heart attack, as this cardiac event can change many aspects of your lifestyle. However, it is highly recommended to opt for positions that involve less energy, simple positions and pleasant activity that can release sexual tension without putting any pressure on the heart.

Also, it is very important to understand that both men and women can suffer from sexual problems after a heart attack. As studies reveal, those with cardiovascular problems are twice more likely to experience sexual challenges than people who do not suffer from this condition. Moreover, as men experience erectile dysfunction and other similar issues, it is not uncommon for women to have lubrication issues or to be unable to reach orgasm after experiencing a heart-related condition.

Keeping in touch with your life partner is essential, as sex is an important part of every relationship and couples should be able to discuss sex openly. Moreover, patients who have suffered a heart attack are also advised to consult a sex therapist, for advice and guidance. These professionals are skilled and highly trained, and they know what to do in these situations. Doctors and other health care professionals can also offer valuable advice, but sexual counseling is by far the best choice. Confronting your fears is the key to having satisfying sex after a heart attack!