5 Reasons Why Erotic Stories Can Help Your Relationship

erotic reading

Learn how reading erotic stories can be beneficial to your relationship.

There are very many erotic stories (aka literotica) available today that can help your relationship.

The most recent sex stories that gained worldwide attention were those narrated in the book series Fifty Shades of Grey. The book series is one of the most popular of its kind to date having sold over 20 million copies worldwide. The book series is credited for changing many women's relationships and sex lives and putting in the spotlight erotic fiction which for a long time was a taboo genre in the mainstream. Reading erotic stories has been proven to help relationships.

Below are some of the ways reading erotica impacts on your relationship.

1. Erotic stories give you an opportunity to share as a couple

By reading erotic stories aloud to each other, you get an opportunity to talk and share naughty stories without having to think hard or come up with erotic stories. You have the opportunity to select a certain paragraph or a page in a book that relates with you and then read the story out aloud to your partner. This creates an excellent opportunity that gives couples a chance to connect and share in a special manner. Erotic story sharing creates an avenue for sharing.

2. Erotic stories create excitement

This is another obvious way erotic stories help relationships. Men thinking about sex all the time which explains why in relationships, men usually prefer having sex more times than women. In the case of women, excitement needs to be created in readiness for sex because sexual stimulation doesn't happen instantly like men.

Reading erotic stories to each other therefore helps to get everyone in the mood. Erotic stories turn the body and mind on providing great foreplay. Unfortunately, very little is known or done by men to excite women sexually. Reading erotic stories can help greatly to bridge this gap.

3. Erotic stories offer ideas

Relationships can be boring sometimes if there are no ideas to spice up things. Most relationships fail to work because there is boredom especially sexually. This is where erotic sex stories come in. Reading erotic stories can help your relationship greatly because you will get ideas on how to spice up things. Sometimes couple don't know where to get ideas to spice up things.

Erotic stories open up your mind to sexual fantasies introducing you to new ideas that you can try out or implement in real life. Sometimes it can be embarrassing seeking help or buying things like sex toys to spice up your relationship. In such cases, erotic story books can give you ideas as well as rescue you from embarrassment.

4. Erotic stories create an avenue for sexual dialogue

However close you might be with your partner, it could be hard to find an avenue to have sexual dialogue. For instance, you might shy away from sharing your sexual fantasies with your partner because you fear they might judge you or view you differently. In such cases, erotic stories offer excellent avenues for having sexual dialogue because you don't have to share you sexual fantasies directly. You can use fantasies in erotic stories to create an avenue for sexual dialogue to find out what you partner likes and share what you like. Sexual dialogue is very important in any healthy relationship.

5. Erotic stories inspire role playing

Reading erotic stories can make role playing interesting and comfortable which is a good thing in a relationship. Sometimes couples become uncomfortable role-playing in the bedroom because it feels strange due to factors such as traditions or it puts one in an awkward position. Erotic stories act as scripts for acting out scenarios that turn couples on. You can decide to play a certain character in an erotic story without making up scenes because it has already been acted out for you.


In summary, reading erotic stories can help your relationship a lot. It is important to note that there are many other ways in which reading erotic stories can help your relationship that are not mentioned above. The above ways are however adequate enough to give you a rough picture of how reading erotic stories helps relationships. You should really consider buying erotic story books to open your relationship and mind to exciting possibilities.