How To Catch A Cheating Boyfriend

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Do you think your boyfriend is cheating on you? Use these tricks to catch a cheating boyfriend.

If you think that your relationship is in danger due to dishonest behavior of your boyfriend for you then before confronting him you should be vigilant to collect evidences against him to prove that he has an affair with someone else. But how to do this can be the problem of most of you. Three effective methods are briefly described underneath to help you catch your cheating boyfriend.

Method no. 1: Direct conversation

Ask your suspected cheating boyfriend directly about his affair with others or whether he is cheating on you. In this situation either he will tell you the truth or may lie with you but in any case he will be aware of the danger on his relationship with you. So instead of taking him for granted you should discuss with him about the issues related to trust and limitations between you both.

If he is lying then you can detect his lies by tackling him carefully but aggressively. Mostly crooked people are not necessarily good liars. Usually dishonest guys work hard to convince their girlfriends before breaking up their relationship. You can easily reveal their lie by being a bit alert about his activities.

Method no. 2: Check his belongings

You can check his belongings like phone calls in his mobile phone, his messaging accounts, emails, Facebook and other social network accounts etc. You can also look through his other stuffs including photographs, love notes and gifts etc. to know about his relationship with someone other than you.

You can look through the number he is usually talking or messaging on, if you can manage to get his cell phone without his knowledge. You can easily spot danger to your relationship if your cheating boyfriend is excessively messaging or talking for long time with someone else.

You can also take his phone quietly and let him pretend that he might have misplaced it somewhere else. It will allow you to know who messages or calls on his cellphone. You need not answer the messages and calls but you can check those numbers through some other phone.

Similarly you can also check his computer or laptop, if any how he forgets to log out it. Most of the cheating boyfriends use internet for such dishonest works. You need not reply on his behalf but still you can easily detect his connivance with the girls other than you.

If you can manage to find out the spots where your boyfriend may hide his very personal or secret photographs, love notes and gifts then it will be easy for you to prove his dishonesty with you. His computer can also be checked for such materials to use as evidence in your case, if you know how to find out hidden files and folder on any computer.

Method no. 3: Trap him

Setting a trap to catch your cheating boyfriend can be a good method in this regard, if you can manage it skillfully.

You can create a fake account on a social media network which is usually visited by your boyfriend. You can try to be familiar and extending relationship with him. In the mean time you can also ask him whether he had cheated on someone in his life. In order to develop relationship with a new girl he may accept his dishonesty with his girlfriend. You can surprise him by instigating him to meet at some safe place.

One more method to trap your cheating boyfriend is to implant a hidden camera in his car or personal room. Though limited battery life of the camera can obstruct your work but still there are chances to get evidence for his dishonesty for you.

You can also trap him by creating situations to make him feel free from you and to flirt with other girls in your absence. Suppose you tell him that you are going out of station for few days but keep a vigilant eye on his activities. But before following him you will have to disguise yourself perfectly so that he may not recognize you, if collide face-to-face at any spot.

Thus you can easily catch your cheating boyfriend if you are a bit vigilant and act skillfully. You will have to be patient and careful to be successful in spying your boyfriend.