The #1 Secret To Stronger Relationships You Never Knew About


Want a stronger relationship with your spouse? Swinging might just be able to help.

Some couples like to live a sexually active, curious, and exciting life. These couples are commonly referred to as "swingers." They are sexually liberated souls seeking different sex partners, threesomes, foursomes, and more together with their life partners.

Unlike other monogamous couples, they have no room for fights and jealousies. In fact, the swinging lifestyle not only makes their sexual lives interesting and adventurous, but also helps the couples strengthen their relationship bond. They share and enjoy their new experiences together, and amazingly enough these experiences often bring a couple much closer together.

Monogamous couples vs. swinger foursome couples.

People often portray swingers as very bold or daring. They think swingers are people who live a very dangerous life; however, most swingers are well-versed in all the rules of their foursome plays, without compromising their safety.

There are a few times when it develops into polyamory, but oftentimes these couples just live the lifestyle and completely enjoy experiencing it. Of course, the jealousy between partners is often a setback in this lifestyle. Seeing your partner with someone else and enjoying themselves tends to develop insecurities. The trick is to be open and accepting in all forms.

As far as regular couples are concerned, not many are truthful about their feelings and fantasies. Often, monogamous couples feel ashamed of communicating their desires of a swinging lifestyle within marriage. As a result, they get frustrated and many even decide to end the marriage.

This is often due to married couples feeling the need to spice up their sex life after 6-7 years into their relationship. Thinking about alternate sexual partners does not mean falling out of love; it simply means giving a boost to your relationship by indulging in exciting ventures together and sharing.

Is it OK to think about alternative or many sexual partners?

Relax. Thinking about alternate or many partners is absolutely normal and perfectly fine. If you think your married life is on the verge of boredom or separation, adopting or joining a swinging lifestyle with an open approach will help you sustain your marriage forever.

Since, in a monogamous relationship, sex becomes more of a routine than an exciting and pleasure-giving venture, it is ideal to be open about each other's feelings. Unfortunately, many people are not able to talk to their partners about their fantasies and leads to infidelity in the relationship. As a result, the marriage is completely destroyed, leaving behind no scope for improvement.

Adding adult sex toys, watching pornography, and exploring new sexual positions are some ways to spice things up in your marriage. Couples who have already tried these things still crave more excitement in their love life.

Undeniably, adding one or more people into the mix is one of the most extreme ways to explore intense fantasy for fulfillment of sexual desires. So what are you waiting for? How about making one of your biggest fantasies real?

Swinging does not simply mean exchanging partners.

It also includes adding partners in the act. Threesomes, foursomes, orgies, same voyeurism, and room sex are some variations in this lifestyle.

Most couples choose to participate in the same room sex, while others prefer going for foursomes with their partners included. On the other hand, many couples also like opting for "soft swab only," which means just having oral sex with others and intercourse with their own partners.

"Full swap" couples openly participate in all kinds of acts with their own partner, as well as with others.

Foursomes are more maintstream than ever.

There are number of internet sites where you can find millions of members looking for swinging partners. Internet sites and similar clubs have made finding like-minded people easier than ever.

Most of these clubs are upscale and discreet establishments. Another major factor that makes this lifestyle so popular is the lost desire of many women to explore their bi-curiosity. Most men like watching their woman having the fun, so exploring bi-sexuality is one of the best ways to ensure everything goes as planned without anyone crossing their limitations.

With proper precautions and right judgment, a swinging lifestyle can be the best alternative to a successful marriage.