Stay Fit In Your Relationship With These Calorie Burn Sex Facts


Want to know how many calories you can burn performing certain sex acts? Read this!

Smooching, snuggling, oral sex, vaginal sex and everything else that is served on the platter is of course great for every relationship and bond. However, most people don't realize how sex is equally important for their physical health. Sex can increase your heart rate and help you burn some calories too.

In fact, when we talk about calories burnt during sex, it is important to understand that every sexual activity works in a different manner and burns a different amount of calories. In this article, we will list all sex facts associated with burning calories. We hope this article will help you have a great time in bed and improve your overall health too. Needless to say, if you know it right, you will do it right.

Kissing = 70 Calories/Hour

When you were dating for the first time and frequently locked lips with your lover for over 30 minutes, do you remember how much you grasped for air once you were done? Well, experts believe it is better to stay in that groove. Smooching is of course a great way to strengthen your bond as a couple and show affection. However, it is also a good way to burn calories.

Vigorous kissing with some petting can even burn around 90 calories in an hour. The key is to kiss your partner in unusual positions. Maybe the guy can be on his back and the girl can do push-ups on him, kissing him every time she comes down. In fact, kissing while doing push-ups on a guy's chest can burn around 175 calories in just 30 minutes.

Undressing = Total 10 Calories

Most people have no idea, but as they are taking off their partner's clothes, they are burning calories every second. When you get intimate with your partner and start taking his or her clothes off, make sure you try something different this time. For instance, if a guy removes a girl's bra with his mouth, it can burn up to 80 calories. The key is to be more energetic while taking off your partner's clothes. Don't take off everything in a matter of seconds. Take your time.

Oral Sex = 100 Calories/Half-Hour

If you are on the giving end of oral sex, you will be lucky enough to kick the elliptical machine out of your routine on that specific day. Oral sex can help you lose around 100 calories in only half an hour. If you mix it with some push-ups or yoga, you can burn additional 75 and 35 calories respectively. When we talk about calories burnt during sex, oral sex could be your best choice for losing some weight while enjoying your partner's body.

Making Out = 250 Calories/Half-Hour

A super-sexy and intimate making out session with your lover might be the most intense way to burn extreme calories. The best part is that you burn around 250 calories per half an hour with your clothes on. Yes, you don't even need to take your clothes off. According to experts, a hot making out session results in anticipation, which can significantly increase your heart rate. In no time, you will be breathing heavily. Thus, you will be burning a lot more calories. In fact, you can even maximize calorie burn by making the room sweatier and hotter. Some yoga can also act as a catalyst.

Vaginal Sex = 150 Calories/Half-Hour

Vaginal sex can help you burn many calories. The key is to make it hot and last longer. In fact, some sighing and moaning also helps. It can help you burn around 30 more calories. Slight and subtle movements can also be helpful in burning calories. They will not only help you burn more calories, but also make your partner happy, as you will be trying something different. For instance, when on top, move your hips like a belly dancer. You can even sit on your partner and bounce up and down. All such positions provide a full body workout while you are enjoying the time of your life.

Well, you won't be really having sex to burn calories or cut your food cravings, right? Of course knowing about calories burnt during sex will be an additional benefit, but you may just want to enjoy yourself. However, there's no reason to choose just one. There are many sexual positions which help you burn more calories while making sure that calories are the last thing on your mind.