Why Kegel Exercises Are Great For Women (AND Men)


Who knew that doing your kegels on a daily basis could improve your sexual experiences?

The importance of kegel exercises in individual sex lives cannot be overstated. Kegel exercises are used to tone the pelvic muscles and strengthen the PC (pubococcygeus) muscles. This enhances sexual health, and prevents urinary incontinence and lack of bladder control.

The exercises involve contracting and relaxing the muscles on the pelvic floor, which are commonly referred to as kegel muscles. Although kegel exercises are most common in women, men can also do them to enhance the strength of their erections and gain greater control over ejaculation. In other words, kegel exercises are the magical formula behind fulfilling sexual experience, regardless of gender or age.

There are many benefits associated with kegels, which make them almost necessary to perform. Any woman or man familiar with swinger sex completely understands the benefits of doing their kegels. These exercises effectively tone the kegel muscles, which are largely involved in sexual function.

If you are looking forward to achieving prolonged orgasm by controlling your sexual experience, then you must explore the possibility with kegel exercises.

For women who are undergoing the phase of childbearing, these exercises are vital. They help to protect the women's pelvic organs from prolapse that often occurs when giving birth. They also help prepare the body to withstand the stress of child birth.

By strengthening the muscles of the pubic organs, kegels are also able to tighten their vagina naturally. As a result, sexual pleasure is increased and symptoms of urinary incontinence are prevented. Women may also recover from psychological depression and are encouraged to do kegels if they experience such problems. Many women who perform kegels report feeling younger and more confident in terms of sexual performance.

In men, kegel exercises help to promote sexual function, thus building self-esteem in sexual experience. Men who do kegels regularly have stronger erections and are able to prolong their sexual experience by effectively controlling the ejaculations.

A major benefit of prolonged sexual experience is that multiple orgasms can be achieved; thus, both partners are satisfied. With kegel exercise, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and swingers sex are nothing to be anxious about.

Performing kegel exercises is easy. Before doing the exercises, it's important to locate the kegel muscles. The best time to do this is during urination. Stop your urine midstream and you will realize that a certain pelvic muscle contracts. This muscle is what's used to stop and start the urine.

The practice of contracting and relaxing of the kegel muscles strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. To get the optimum benefits of these exercises, it is important to perform them regularly. You can start out small and later on advance to intense kegel exercises that will help you gain full control over your sexual health.

The benefits of kegel exercises are irrefutable. Once you perform this exercise on a regular basis and persistently, you can be sure to have all with good sexual health and stamina.