The Real Psych Behind Why Couples Choose A Swinging Lifestyle

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Joining a swingers club or a swingers website is by no means common. See why people become swingers.

Most people don't realize that embracing a swingers lifestyle means your relationship is actually stronger than most.

Joining a swingers club or signing up on a swingers website is by no means common. The lifestyle isn't very well understood by most and it's not for everyone to be honest. Because it's not very well understood a lot of people tend to believe that only couples that are struggling in their relationships tend to experiment with having sex with other people. But when you think about it, the truth is actually the complete opposite.

Alright, let me explain think about everything you know about love, sex, relationships and companionship. Now ask yourself this, would an insecure partner ever let their partner have sex with someone else? No, they wouldn't. But insecurity and jealousy isn't exactly the hallmark of a healthy and stable relationship. People who join in the swinger lifestyle have decided to keep love and sex separate in their relationship. They feel secure enough to let their partners explore sexual fantasies and experiences with others while still loving them with all their heart.

And that's exactly the point of the lifestyle that attracts most adult swingers—the opportunity to explore. Human sexuality is very complicated. Our basic instinct compels us to explore these experiences and expecting one person to satisfy all our needs is not entirely realistic. In an adult swingers club, sex is treated as an experience and when you think about it, it's just that! This doesn't mean that the couples involved don't "make love" to one another. When two people are emotionally connected and have sex it's an expression of their love. But when two people have sex to enjoy themselves its just an experience. The feeling of being with someone different is not exactly about seeking something better. It's just about finding variety.

Academic studies haven't explored the psychology behind swingers choices entirely but a few have had some interesting results over the last few years. The majority of couples who join these websites and clubs are deemed completely normal with one key difference—their attitude towards sexuality. A complete lack in the principles of monogamy was the only thing that set these couples apart from the rest. A majority of the couples were married and a surprising number had been married over a decade! Many of the women in the groups studied admitted to being bi-curious and said that the environment in these groups allowed them to explore that side of their sexuality while feeling comfortable in a safe and secure surrounding.

And there you have it, being an adult swinger is not a sign that your relationship is on the brink. It has nothing to do with adultery, which involves one partner being unaware of what's happening. The choice to become swingers is made by couples who are simply a lot more liberal in their attitude towards sex, curious to explore new sexual experiences and fundamentally secure in their relationship. Its a very fulfilling sort of lifestyle if you and your partner are both okay with it.