Which Animal Are You When It Comes To Love?

funny animals

So which animal are you when it comes to your love style?

So, a lion walks into a party with his girlfriend. He looks around and starts to get nervous. Palms are sweaty and three distinct thoughts cross his path. Thought 1: I really do not want to be here. I know no one and everyone's staring. Thought 2: I'll just sit in the corner and buy my time.

These are her friends anyway. Thought 3: Can't I just stay home, like all the time?!

We all know people like this. They are nervous, shy and timid types. Of course, these characteristics are not attributable to a lion. Jamie Foxx playing Ray Charles could see that. 

And, since you're an astute reader with an impeccable knowledge of the animal kingdom, you'll know the animal to which I'm referring is a sheep. Are you a sheep? Let's go through some basic scenarios to figure out where you fit on the love scale.

1. Relationship Concerns. Mork and Mindy have been dating for nine months and there is something on Mindy's mind.

  • If Mindy were a lioness, she'd bring it up and be in blunt mode. To her, over worrying about words and tone are a waste of time. Her motto: Say whatever you need to say and say it now.   
  • If Mindy were a sheep, she'd say nothing and let it stew.
  • If Mindy were a frog, she'd say something and be very mindful of how she said it, when she said it and the impact it would have on Mork.
  • If Mindy were a panda, the fact that it was on her mind would not automatically warrant saying something. She will never be the panda that cried wolf.  

2. That Party. Mork and Mindy walk into a party. The party is being hosted by Mindy's friends.

  • If Mork were a lion, he'd be very comfortable with the situation and would want to be seen and heard by all.
  • If Mork were a frog, he'd be comfortable with the situation and would mix and mingle comfortably.
  • If Mork were a panda, he'd be relatively comfortable with the situation and sit on the couch, open to socializing if approached.
  • If Mork were a sheep, he'd be uncomfortable with the situation and stay in a corner hoping he's neither seen nor heard.

3. Communication Needs. Mork and Mindy have different views on communication frequency.

  • If Mindy were a frog, she'd want communication every day and would want reciprocal initiation. This is a signal to her that she and her partner are connected and present.
  • If Mindy were a panda, she'd be okay with any communication frequency that she and Mork agreed to as there is an inherent comfort in where things stand.
  • If Mindy were a sheep, she'd want communication every day and would be okay initiating it all the time.  
  • If Mindy were a lioness, she'd want to communicate at a frequency that kept her feeling connected to her partner. There is no magic number but there is a need to feel in control of where things are.

So which animal are you?

  • Perhaps a frog? Someone who falls fast but not often? Do you typically give more than you get. Are you heart on your sleeve? Are you hyper aware of where things stand and think about it and think about it? Comfortable with PDA to a degree.
  • What about a lion or lioness? Alpha and in control. Confident and very direct. High in social comforts. Very comfortable with PDA.  
  • How about a panda? Relaxed. Not a lot bothers you. Go with the flow. Few words but fully present. PDA in close confines with your partner?
  • Or might you be the sheep? Very aware and unselfish. Shy and timid? Falls often but not fast? PDA in closed quarters with your partner?

On the relationship farm lives these four animals. Each of them have positive and negative traits but being aware of which one you are is what matters. If you're a frog and an evolved one at that, you'll recognize that you give more than you get and adjust the tendencies you have that lead you down that path.

I know, for I am an evolved frog. I, for instance, do not allow myself to put my heart before my head. How evolved are you? 

Live long and prosper in your relationships with self-awareness.