How To Brand Yourself For Online Dating

Online Dating: How to Brand Yourself for Online Dating

Branding is not only for business. Use the same tools to brand yourself for online dating.

What do you think of when someone talks about branding? Most of us think about business. Did it ever occur to you that you could create your own personal brand for online dating too?

What Is a Brand?
I like to keep things simple. Your business brand is the relationship between your business and your customers. How do your customers identify your business? How do they know what your business values are? What does your business offer them?

I tell my clients that their business brand must go beyond their business. Why? Because who you are in business reflects who you are in life. The most successful brands are the ones that intentionally show off the entrepreneur and the spark that brought them into business in the first place. It's that intention and that spark that lead to successful marketing based on the entrepreneur's values and priorities.

So how does all this translate into online dating? It works the same way. To brand yourself for online dating, you want to first create your personal romantic brand. To do that, you must rediscover the original spark in your personal life, the spark that makes you unique. How? By thinking back to the time when you felt invincible. That's the time when you were truly connected to your passion.
Working with entrepreneurs, I have noticed that most people feel comfortable bringing forth their passion in business and have no problem being authentic in their business life. But in their romantic life? Well, that's another story. They have no idea where to start.
So let's start with a few steps on how to brand yourself in love so that you can attract the partner you've been looking for.

When was the last time you assessed your personal values? Circumstances change and we need to update ourselves and know how our values have changed with it. Why is this important?

  • Because you want to cherish the time you have to invest in your online dating.
  • Because to attract a suitable partner, you have to know where you stand with yourself. What gets top priority? Your money, your work or your dating?

Even when people hire a matchmaker to select someone for them, they need to allocate time to get to know the person. Otherwise, what's the point in online dating?

When you establish a business brand, your best marketing tools are the ones that connect with your clients and reflect your top values. You may advertise that your value is in bringing peace of mind with your service. Or doing the heavy lifting for your clients. Whatever you offer, your branding promotes your values and brings clarity.

Begin by assessing your values, then lead with those values. The first step to branding yourself for online dating is to communicate your values because chances are, a possible match will share those values. Declare your priorities. Be upfront. Potential partners will appreciate that you know yourself.

When it comes to business branding, transparency is the new trend word. Entrepreneurs and working people like to establish themselves by being transparent with their clients and colleagues, and even with the competition.

Being transparent in business means levelling with your connections and leading by being open about your business' plan. No hidden agendas. No game-playing. It's all about being upfront.

Online dating is the same. Branding yourself for online dating is about being transparent and upfront. What's the point in playing games? The only way to be transparent is to know yourself, and to know yourself you have to reassess your values so you can be who you truly are. It's all a wonderful circle — understand yourself, know your values and priorities and be honest about who you are.
Wouldn't you want a possible match to do the same?

Bottom Line
Business is a lot like dating. Just like finding the ideal match in your romantic life, you want to find a good match in your clients.
In business branding, you define your bottom line and your clients make sure you don't cross it. In online dating, you define your bottom line as well — by identifying your values. What do you insist upon in a match? What are the deal breakers?

The reason your bottom line is important is that you want to narrow your search as much as you can. The best way to narrow your search is by being transparent about your values and priorities, about who you are and what you want and about the practical and emotional line you won't go cross. For instance, would you date a married person? Someone who is separated? Or will you only date someone who is single or divorced?

While most people define their bottom line in terms of physical attributes, it's really about values and circumstances. Finding someone who shares your values and is available to be in a relationship is more important than height or hair color.

If you're good at business, there's nothing wrong with applying the same principles of success to your personal life. Yes, even online dating. The opposite is also true. If you're good at relationships, apply the principles that have worked for you to branding your business. You are a multifaceted, multilayered human being. Use your best qualities in every area of your life and reap the benefits. Practice branding yourself for online dating — and have fun!

Monica Magnetti  Professional Certified Life/Business Coach, Brand Consultant and proud YourTango Expert. Monica has designed free products for entrepreneurs and working people who put fire and passion into their business. Now you can put that fire into your romantic life by downloading Monica's free ebook, Spark Success in Your Business: 10 Elements of a Strong Business Foundation and Successful Internet Branding, and apply the same concepts to brand yourself for online dating.

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