Help! My Boyfriend Doesn't Always Climax?!

Help! My Boyfriend Doesn't Always Climax?!

Are you bad in the sack or are you just misinformed?

It may seem like it’s common sense that men just always have orgasms, but the truth of the matter is – it’s a myth!

This week, I was asked by a new client if it was normal that her boyfriend wasn’t climaxing every session? It made her feel terrible and inadequate. I’m sure she can now understand what men feel like when they don’t make us climax.
However, this is a huge burden to carry for both parties and it puts so much unneeded stress on our sexual relationships.

A few things:

1.) You don’t need to climax to enjoy yourself. Just because you aren’t climaxing, doesn’t mean you’re not having a good time. Right? Haven’t you had sessions where you were close but you missed it but it was still a good time? Same thing for men.

2.) Own your orgasm. I think it’s become second nature to depend on our lovers and mates for our orgasms. If we don’t climax, it must be them. Wrong. It’s us. It’s so important we know our body and we know what makes us turn on so we can do that in bed. If we start contracting our orgasms to let other people manage, we’re in trouble.

3.) Have fun. Seriously. Stop thinking about your orgasm or your mates so much. Putting all that pressure on yourselves and each other does one thing onlyincreases anxiety…which….is the exact opposite ingredient you need to have an orgasm ….relaxation.

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