G-Spot Shot?! A Shot For More Pleasure?


What limits would you go to for sensation?

They say there’s a shot for everything these days…literally! What lengths would you go to increase pleasure?

Well now women (sorry guys – you just get Viagra for now) can get a shot to increase the sensitivity of their Grafenberg Spot, affectionately known as the G-Spot. I checked out the website and to my surprise there are quite a few doctors over the nation as well as other countries who can provide this shot!

It’s a simple 30 minute visit but you have to go under local anesthesia for a 8 second procedure where the doctor shoots collagen into your G-Spot. The injection enlarges your G-Spot making it more sensitive to touch and lasts for about 4 months!

Deal or no deal?

87% of women say they felt increased pleasure and felt aroused more often.

There was a long list of risks and complications that I’m sure don’t happen but they have to list. I thought I would grab some of them I thought were most interesting to consider:

Constant awareness of the G-Spot
A sensation of always being sexually aroused — !!!
Mental preoccupation of the G-Spot
Alteration of the function of the G-Spot
Sexual function alteration
Pelvic Heaviness   — umm, it’s so enlarged, it’s causing heaviness?
Fatigue — hmm, from all the newfound sex?
Relationship problems — ?
Sex life alteration

After reading through the website G-Spot Amplification I was definitely intrigued by it and I don’t think it’s too risky. I can’t imagine having to get a shot every 4 months for sensation but  if you’re looking for something fun to try, I’m open to it!

I think this would be most beneficial to the couple where the female has never experienced an orgasm, and they had exhausted other tips or just for a couple looking to raise the heat, but not as answer to any other problems.


If your mate doesn’t want to have sex, a shot isn’t going to help that, especially if it’s the female – she needs a good emotional massage and closeness! I don’t foresee that ever changing.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this @jennatimetweets!


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