5 Health Benefits Of The Orgasm


Care about your health? Then have more sex.

The reasons to spice up your relationship may be many. In fact, you may have a list longer than Santa’s filled with reason after reason to get down and get dirty. But, what you might not know is that when you spice up your relationship, you not only improve the bond you and your partner have, but you improve your health as well. This is because of the orgasm — it turns out it’s kind of like going to the gym, only a lot more fun.

So, the next time you are toying with whether or not you should spice up your relationship (or merely toying with the idea of getting toys), remember these little advertised orgasm facts. And, yes guys, feel free to share them with your wives.

Orgasms and Stress

It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that orgasms relieve stress. Most of us know this based on experience. But, if you spice up your relationship with more orgasms, you may relieve stress much more than you realize.

Orgasms release a hormone called oxytocin (no, not oxycontin, but that would be cool too), which stimulates the body to feel warm and relaxed. An orgasm may also cause the amygdala, the part of the brain that causes us to be fearful and anxious, to go into temporary hibernation. This results in us being less stressed out with panic.

Because stress is so heavily linked to health, particularly heart disease, anything that relieves it is beneficial to wellness and longevity. Thus, perhaps it’s only a matter of time before the American Heart Association introduces the orgasm into one of its slogans (Save your heart with your private parts!)

Orgasms and Insomnia

Another reason to spice up your relationship has to do with insomnia: saying that an orgasm helps a man fall sleep will likely be met with a well-deserved “Duh!,” but orgasms actually help women fall asleep too. It’s because of this that they are sometimes employed as a way to fight insomnia. Sorry, Tylenol PM…you just aren’t quite as exciting.

The science behind the relationship believes that orgasms induce sleep because they release certain neurochemicals, particularly endorphins, which have a sedative effect on the human body.

Orgasms and Pain

If you spice up your relationship, you may be able to rid your medicine cabinet of Advil and Aleve. The reason? Orgasms are like natural Novocain, helping to relieve all types of everyday and chronic pain. They has been used to combat arthritic pain, pain caused by surgical procedures, and even labor pains. Many women even find that orgasms can subdue their menstrual pain….an irony, given that many women’s time of the month comes with a tiny closed sign that hangs between their legs.

Why orgasms are such a strong painkiller has to do with the same chemical that allows them to relive stress: oxytocin. This hormone elicits nearly magical powers when it comes to stopping our aches and ouchies: some studies suggest that one orgasm increases pain tolerance by as much as 75 percent.

Orgasms and Colds

Like periods, being sick with a cold doesn’t make sex all that enticing: snot and phlegm aren’t exactly synonymous with romance. Yet, having an orgasm may benefit the person who is fighting a virus, particularly if they are male. 

Because orgasms increase a person’s leukocytes — cells in the immune system that fight off foreign invaders — they may actually make the body better able to heal from sickness. This was recently proven in men through a university study in Germany, leaving the males who read the study to voluntarily rush out into the cold with sopping wet hair.

Orgasms and Longevity

The final reason to spice up your relationship has to do with longevity: orgasms may actually help people live longer. Yes, I’ll hold while every seventeen-year-old boy turns that phrase into a t-shirt.

There isn’t a lot of concrete evidence why orgasms are positively tied to longevity, but it may have to do with their ability to decrease stress, which in turn decreases coronary heart disease.

What is known is that Welch researchers studied over 900 middle-aged men and found that those who had at least two orgasms a week died at half the rate of those who had less than one orgasm a month.

This correlation was also apparent in women: the book “The Longevity Project: Surprising Discoveries for Health and Long Life” discusses a study involving 1500 women and how women who had frequent orgasms tended to live longer than those who weren’t sexually satisfied.

What this all means is rather simple: roll in the hay a little more often. Your health, your wellness, and your life may just depend on it.

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