Getting Over A Relationship: 4 Steps To Expedite The Process

How To Move On: Expedite The Process In 4 Steps
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Healing your heart is a process. These tips can help speed it up.

Getting over a relationship is something that is easier said than done, like getting through Los Angeles at 4 pm on a weekday or getting through an automated telephone system without wanting to hang up in frustration. In fact, in many ways, getting over a relationship is like the healing of an open wound: it begins slowly, before turning over into a horribly ugly scab.

But, even with all this, getting over a relationship is nowhere near impossible. It's not always easy and, for some, excruciatingly slow. Yet, healing your heart does happen eventually.

For those who aren"t satisfied with the word "eventually", getting over a relationship can be expedited with a few tricks.

Some of which include:

Finding someone else: Ah, the rebound.....a term that many believe should only exist inside a basketball court. Still, the rebound has its time and place. The fact of the matter is that many people find themselves able to pull themselves out of bed — and out of their funk — if they have someone to pull themselves towards. This isn't to say that you should date someone just to feel better, but you should be open to meeting someone new. Cupid isn't always good with timing: you never know when true love will come skipping into your life. If you're completely anti-rebound, you just might miss your opportunity.

Faking it: Yes, faking it is something that is done — at least by women — when they are in a relationship, not out of one. But, I'm talking about a different type of faking. I'm talking about faking happiness. Although faking happiness may seem sad and almost pathetic, it does have a magical ability. When you spend enough time convincing yourself that you are happy, you will one day wake up to realize you actually are.

Severing all ties: The comparison of healing your heart to a wound scabbing over, that I mentioned earlier, demonstrates the importance of severing all ties. When you scrape your knee, picking at the scab will only prevent the scab from healing completely. You pick, pick, pick and all you end up with is a wound that keeps reopening. Getting over a relationship is like this too. If you break up but continue to see your ex, stalk them on Facebook or reminisce about the good times you had while "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" echoes in the background, your emotional wounds will never heal.....or at least not for a long time. 

Seeking out support: Getting over a relationship loves company; it is, after all, an element of misery. Thus, allow yourself to seek out the support of people you can vent to, shoulders you can cry on and friends who are always good at picking you up when you've fallen down. But, support doesn't need to be limited to those you know. You may also toy with the idea of seeking out groups, chat rooms or books that deal with relationship loss. Not only may you learn something from another person's experience, but you will also know that you aren't alone. Breakups are like middle age: they eventually happen to all of us.

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