Taboo Table Scraps: 5 First Date Foods To Avoid

First Date: 5 Foods To Avoid On A First Date

On a first date, make sure these five foods stay off the table.

For many guys, the ability to get a girlfriend involves two steps — meeting a woman and reeling her in. The meeting part can happen anywhere: school, a bar, a friend's wedding, while you're looking for condoms at the local supermarket (well, as long as she doesn't see you perusing the extra small selection).

In this regards, the first step to get a girlfriend is often random: you can't always plan for it and instead, must be open to the possibility of meeting the love of your life somewhere you'd never think possible.

The second part of the get a girlfriend game — the part where she's taken your bait and you're bringing her to shore — is a part you can plan for. And it all begins with the very first date.

There are many obvious things you shouldn't do on a first date: you shouldn't talk about the love you possess for all three of your ex-wives, you shouldn't ask her whether or not she has accepted Jesus into her life, and you shouldn't tell her that you'll pay for dinner as long as she pays you back in other ways. But there are also subtle things you shouldn't do, including ordering certain types of food.

There are a handful of dishes worth avoiding the first time you're on a date with a girl you are wooing. If you don't avoid them, you might just end up with more on your plate than you ever bargained for.

1. Oysters: Some people say that oysters are an aphrodisiac, others think that story's fishy — oyster's ability to make one horny, they argue, is more of an urban legend than anything. Regardless of how you feel, oysters aren't something you should initially order when you're trying to get a girlfriend: Nemo does not make a good wingman. The reason is simple — pretty much every girl in the world knows the reputation of this shellfish; if you order them, you'll merely come across as presumptuous or maybe even a little bit sleazy.

2. Garlic: Garlic is an obvious thing to stay away from on a first date: no one wants to kiss someone with horrible breath (and they want to sleep with them even less). You see, we build to that. Eating garlic may also ruin your dinner in mere seconds if your date happens to be a vampire. In this day and age, it's just not worth the risk.

3. Ribs: If you're going to order ribs on the first date, you may as well forget about going to Chili's and take your girl out to hunt wooly mammoths instead. The fact is, eating ribs makes everyone look like a caveman. They're messy and clumsy. Not even Brad Pitt can eat ribs and still be sexy. It's just not possible.

4. Noodle-Based Soups: Like ribs, noodle-based soups are dishes where there is simply no good way to eat them. They have way too much slurp potential, something that's not optimal when you're trying to get a girlfriend. Other noodle-based meals, such as spaghetti, may be safer — they did, after all, work for Lady and the Tramp.

5. The Wrong Kind of Mexican: For some people, Mexican food may be a perfectly fine first date meal. But if you've ever had a reaction to Mexican food in the past, you should refrain from it for the first date...and really until you and your girlfriend are an old married couple. Mexican food simply runs the risk of mimicking the medicine people take the night before a colonoscopy: in short, it can make for a shitty date. Too much number 2 will pretty much assure that there will never be a date number 2.

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