Bar Room Bingo: "How to Get a Girl in Three Steps"


Picking up a girl in a bar can be tricky, but it's certainly not impossible.

The ability to get a girl at a bar can sometimes seem akin to a double dare: a friend might dare you to streak your college campus, or eat that food in the refrigerator —you know, the food that's been changing colors for more than six weeks. In other words, it's an act that often has no point other than the point of being crazy: picking up a girl in a bar is like picking up a 300 pound rock: It's damn near impossible to do it successfully.

Damn near impossible, but not impossible. You see, many girls go to bars and clubs hoping to meet men as much as you are hoping to meet them. Thus, to get a girl at a bar to give you the time of day (and maybe even her phone number), you only need to do the following three things:

Be confident: On the very first page of the Get A Girl handbook is confidence. You have zero chance of getting a girl without it. In fact, without confidence, you won't even get a homeless cat to go home with you.

The reason for this is simple: women love confidence. They like men who are unafraid to approach them, unafraid to be flattering or funny, and uninhibited in their perseverance. Of course, this isn't to say confidence will allow you to get a girl every time you try, but confidence will make you successful many more time than it will ever make you fail.

Take it slow: One of the biggest problems with getting a girl at a bar to give you any sort of attention is that women at bars are constantly hit on, especially the hot ones. This can leave them feeling overwhelmed and even annoyed.

Yet, the key to get a girl is to carefully pick the girl you try to get. A girl who walks in with five pals and spends the evening in deep conversation with her friends (tears are shed, shoulders are patted, men are called assholes) is one who may be in the middle of something important. Approaching her isn't likely to end well. Approaching a girl who looks like she is there to have fun, who makes eye contact with you, or tosses you a smile, on the other hand, is a wise move to make. Often, you can gauge a girl's level of interest in you— or level of interest in merely being hit on — by gauging her body language.

Still, this isn't always full proof: language, body or otherwise, can sometimes be ambiguous. So, when in doubt, take it slow. Rather than approaching a girl who may not want to be approached, send her a drink instead. If she's interested, she'll let you know.

Be wary of the guy, but: The final step in how to get a girl at a bar is the guy card: is she with one? If she is, sometimes the smart thing to do is just to leave well enough alone and walk away. However, this isn't always the case.

A girl going to a bar with a guy isn't a clear indication that she is in a committed relationship; the guy could be her uncle, her cousin, her gay best friend. Unless they are doing their best Angelina Jolie and her brother impression (i.e., making out right there for everyone to see), there's always a chance that their relationship is a platonic one.

A good rule of thumb is to feel out the situation: If a girl is with a guy and seems really happy and really into him, hitting on her is more likely to get you a bloody nose, rather than a future date. But, if she seems as if she isn't romantically linked to the guy, or they are linked, but she is unhappy, she is akin to a chess game. In other words, make your move.

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