George Clooney: 5 Reasons He's So Attractive


When it comes to Clooney, there's a lot to love.

As soon as word got out about George Clooney's engagement to Amal Alamuddin, women all over the world felt broken hearted. Our moms were mad, our sisters were mad, even our female cats were a little more distant than usual. The reason for this is simple: George Clooney, to so many, was always seen as the dating version of Mount Everest. And he has been conquered (and probably also climbed).

Now, as a guy I can sort of see the attraction to ol' George. I mean, he is good looking, rich, famous, and he's made out with Julia Roberts so — by two degrees of separation — he's hot. But, I probably don't like him as much as most of the girls I know. 

In fact, hearing he's engaged definitely didn't devastate me: I watched hardly any Lifetime and drank hardly any cheap wine. Still, it did get me thinking: what is it about George Clooney that is so irresistible?

I'm not a woman, so I can't say for sure. But, if I was, I'd bet it had something to do with:

George is Confident: His twinkling eyes, his mischievous smirk, his soft skin….I mean, his super cool car. George clearly has a lot going for him. Even so, as attractive as all these things might be, the fact that George realizes he's got a lot going for him is even more attractive. He exudes confidence, which women can't help but love. They look at him and see a man who can sweep them off their feet….because he knows he can.

George is Charming: Full disclosure: I don't actually know George Clooney. I know you may think we hang out all of the time and that he texts me for advice, but we don't and he doesn't. However, I don't have to actually know him to see that he is charming. This charm appears whether he is promoting a film or breaking into a casino in Ocean's Eleven; Nonetheless, I'll bet that it is with women where he really turns it on. Still, what is it exactly about George that is so darn enamoring? Well, see above: he is able to be charming because he is confident.

George Plays Hard to Get: If there was an Oscar awarded for celebrities who successfully play hard to get, it's pretty obvious that George would be nominated almost every single year. Though he dates like a mad man and has actually been married before, he didn't look close to settling down. Put it this way: until this year, getting a ring from George was like the Seattle Seahawks getting a ring from the NFL. Women —and men too when it's reversed —can't help but find this alluring: we always want what we can't have. And, because George carries himself with an off-limits vibe, it only makes women want him more.

George is Well Rounded: I'm not one to think of celebrities as the most proper of role models. Why anyone would ever listen to a celebrity about vaccinations or whether or not mental illness exists is beyond me. However, George seems to be far removed from someone who is merely an actor. He's well read, he's intellectual, he's funny, and he's heavily involved in many of the social issues that everyone should be cognizant of. This well-roundedness makes him interesting, and attractive to people from all walks of life.

George is Rich: I know, it sounds like I'm painting all women as shallow when I state that George being rich is an attractive quality. But, the fact remains that money — because it's a life necessity — will always be important. Many couples find that money is one of the biggest stressors and leads to the most fights. But, when money isn't an issue, there's one less thing on a person's already overflowing plate. And that's something attractive to us all.

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