TomKat Split: Why Celebrity Relationships Don't Last

TomKat Split: Why Celebrity Relationships Don't Last [EXPERT]

Is Hollywood a hopeless place to find love?

I am a matchmaker and my whole life revolves around soulmates, romance, hope and love. But, when it comes to love there are no guarantees. Celebrity couples seem to break up more often than not, and I was thinking about it last night as I was drifting off to sleep. I thought about the squabbles and stress that I sometimes have in my own marriage, as all couples do. Is Divorce Becoming a Luxury?

I have been married to my dear husband for ten years now. It is my longest relationship; I was married twice before, once at the age of 18, and a second time at 27. Splitting up then was painful and filled with drama, but I had the energy to do it, get through it and start again; now I do not.

In my 15th year, with a new house, a dog, and a business to tend to, the thought of splitting exhausts me. My husband and I just had a new fence put in the backyard, we helped the gardeners remove trees, branches, and dirt for three days. All of the things that we have been doing improving our new home, building my business, caring for our new dog and making travel plans, keeps us bonded together and we have a real need and desire to work as a team.

When things get a bit rocky we affirm, "we are a team, best friends. We love each other, we shouldn't argue." Our relationship gets stronger as a result. Are You Ready For Divorce? 8 Questions You Should Answer

Celebrity couples don't have to do their own landscaping and cleaning. They can skip over the mundane tasks of life. If things are not working out, they can split their millions and multiple homes and go off to the next hot relationship.

While I am sure that celebrity couples are devastated by divorce, especially when children are involved, they certainly do have it easier when they have a staff of lawyers, movers, nannies, personal assistants — you name it — to help facilitate the transition. 10 Surprising Reasons Women Turn To Divorce

My best advice? Live in the now and find love and strength in the mundane.

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