5 Questions Reveal You Need A Dating Coach Not A Gym Coach


You are in desperate need of a dating coach and you did not even know it!

"Dating Coach? I don't need a Dating Coach. I need a date!"

"Dating Coach? Why would I need one? I have been single and dating now for seven years!"

"I have no idea what a Dating Coach does, so I think I'll just go at it alone."

These, and many more are some of the remarks I heard from people after I tell them I am a Coach. In all honesty, I do think that we, Dating Coaches, have not ever clearly explained what our industry is and what/whom it serves. So, on behalf of my fellow Dating Coaches, I will make an attempt to put an end to an enigma that is Dating Coaching.

Picture the following scenario. A brand new trendy GYM opened in your town. Everyone who is anyone is now a regular member.  They are all strutting around town carrying protein shakes and flexing biceps … except for you. So needless to say, you scrap up your rainy-day pennies and buy the coveted membership. You can just feel your triceps bulging as you enter the gym for the first time. It's only a matter of months before your body is just as chiseled as all the other GYM members.

For the next twelve months, you try every machine and perform every exercise drawn on the shiny new stickers attached to them. You attend the GYM five to seven days a week, buy every protein shake they recommend and yet. Month after month, the same flaccid mass stares back at you in the mirror. What could have possibly gone wrong? You've invested so much time and effort! Surely, something's got to give! But it doesn't. Eventually, you find yourself frustrated and disappointed and not only so you stop visiting the long sought-after GYM, but you swear to never set foot in any other GYMs or even attempt to exercise ever again.

So what went wrong? Well, the problem is that you went at it all alone. To help you understand it better, take a look at Lars, a trendy GYM regular who's got looks of Adonis and agility of Hermes. Do you see a guy next to him? That's his private trainer, Steve. There is a reason Lars works with the private trainer. Not only does the trainer give him motivation and support, he actually teaches him. "What’s there to know?"  You may wonder. "All the instructions are written right there, on those shiny stickers!" Yes, my friend they are. However, Lars is learning not only how to best use each machine but also, which exercises work best for his body type. He is learning proper exercise form and routines that would achieve his training goals quicker and with more noticeable results. 

So while you were in pain for the last twelve months with nothing to show for it but the same saggy thorax, Lars over there learned proper stretching technique to eliminate the pain and the weights to use that will make his chest manly but not too big that it scares away women and children.  Once he understands everything Steve showed him, Lars will be able to workout on his own.  The techniques that his trainer taught him will be firmly implanted in his brain and he will continue to make progress in his physical fitness endeavors.

You, on the other hand, will spend your evenings eating boxes of Bon-Bons while watching reruns of Sex And The City and declaring that all GYMs are the same: CRAPPY and USELESS!

It's just like that for Dating Coaching. No, Dating Coaches do not know the best exercise for chiseled calves. We can, however, like Steve, teach you how to make your dating life easier, more enjoyable, but more important: bring you results.  Unless, of course, you like dating for the sake of dating. Then carry on as you were. Otherwise, instead of trying every machine and performing every exercise, dating should focus on your goals and only work on your terms. Now do you get it? Still not sure?

Then answer the following questions:

  1. Do you want a relationship?
  2. Have you been dating over three years with no relationship over a month to show for it?
  3. Have you got your online dating profile firmly posted on every website but find that the only people it attracts are creeps and weirdos?
  4. Do you only meet people at 'singles events?'
  5. Do you get dating coaching from your mother who tells you the whole world does not know what it's missing by not dating you? That anyone should be lucky enough to get such a catch as you?

If you answered positively to two or more of these questions, you can use the services of a Dating Coach. So don't eat Bon-Bons and declare GYMs crappy. Call a Dating Coach today!