The 3 Biggest Myths About Romantic Relationship


These common myths may be keeping you from having the lasting, fulfilling relationship you want.

We all grew up reading fairy tales about living happily ever after with our prince or princess charming. We dreamed and longed for the one true love that would bring us eternal happiness. As Snow White tells us, “The birds will sing and wedding bells will ring someday when my dreams come true.”

The fairy tales, or myths, about romantic love are imbedded in our collective consciousness. On some level, we all still believe in the fairly tale. Yet, these myths may actually be getting in the way of you truly finding “happily ever after” in your life. Why? Because a myth cannot bring true and lasting happiness, only what is most true can.

Myth # 1: The belief that our partner is the source of love. We believe that love is found outside our self in another person, and usually only one other person. This belief that another person can be the source of love is so pervasive, that it is usually not questioned. We “look for love” and “find love” in others. Yet, that is in fact a myth. The truth is that an endless source of love resides within each person. Each one of us contains all the love we could ever need or want right here within our own essence. This is what is most true. Once the source of love is found within, it can be shared endlessly with others. Yet, we miss discovering this when we are focused on looking for love elsewhere.

Myth #2: Romantic love and passion should always remain as it is in the beginning of a relationship. When we fall in love we believe that it will last forever. It certainly feels like it will! There is a timeless, eternal quality to that special love. Yet for almost everyone, the initial glow of falling in love fades over time and either disappears or deepens into a more mature love. Often times, when this experience ends, we believe that the love has gone away, or that we are with the wrong person. The truth is that the experience of falling in love is a temporary state that gives us a glimpse of our shared essence, which is love. If we realize this truth, then we can always have access to the love that will never fade.

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