How To Talk To Your New Partner About Safe Sex

How To Talk To Your New Partner About Safe Sex

Whether new to the dating game or not, talking to a new partner can feel tricky. We're here to help!

While it is easy to understand that navigating the condom and safe sex talk can be tricky 
and uncomfortable, your health and future well-being depends on it like never before. And,
 you deserve a partner that both respects you and values protecting your health.

1 out of 4 sexually active people has an STI/STD. (And new statistics indicate that in the next 
5 years this will escalate to 1 out of 2.) Now, add to this that 80% of people who have a 
STI experience no noticeable symptoms whatsoever. Most people have no idea they are infected.

In the past, most STIs were easily treatable with antibiotics – not any more. 
There are now virulent forms of both gonorrhea and chlamydia that are very resistant to 
treatment.  STIs can severely compromise your immune system, cause infertility, and 
even death.

Protecting yourself is absolutely necessary. Knowing this, you cannot afford to be shy or worry 
about how a man is going to take the safe sex conversation.  If you feel empowered, it will be easier to use his reaction as a filter.  

A man who isn’t 100% committed to safe sex is poorly educated or simply does not comprehend the seriousness of the current risks –which also places him in the high-risk category. If he doesn’t demand to use a condom with you –chances are he hasn’t been using them with other partners –and remember most people with STDs do not look or act sick in any way and have no idea that they are infected.

But sometimes being direct is easier said than done. Especially when you are feeling insecure about 
condoms yourself.  Even if a man would prefer not using condoms, he is not going to pass on the chance of having sex with you because you insist upon using condoms.

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Bottom line- you just need to be direct...and know that any man worth your time will want and insist that both of you are be comfortable and safe!

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