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Married Cougar flirting with co-worker

Married Cougar flirting with co-worker

Hi Lucia

I’m 20 years old and in a situation where a co-worker who is married with kids is being the biggest flirt and teasing me every chance she gets. She’s older than me and says she’s not happily married. She hasn’t made a move on me yet. What should I do? Jay

Hi Jay,

I know it’s flattering and tempting to have an older woman flirting with you when you’re so young but you have to keep in mind that she’s also a married woman. That doesn’t mean she’s ready to make a move on you, otherwise she probably would have done it already. It may just be enough for her to get your attention during work hours before she goes back to her unhappy marriage.

What should you do? Put yourself in her husband’s shoes. Would you want your wife messing around with a co-worker? Probably not. If you’re interested in older women, find yourself one who is available.


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