How to Get His Attention

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To get a guy's attention, try giving off a "you can't have me" vibe.

Everything you need to know about a man, is ass backwards. Read on for relationship advice for women... 

Men are wired to be backward thinkers, they don't process things like women do. If your're a girl who is having trouble getting that nice, handsome, man's attention, then it's time to start thinking like a man. 

Steve Harvey's book, Think Like a Man Act Like a Lady, did a great job of explaining how to do just that. Iif you haven't read it you should go pick it up right away, it's a great read to help you understand more about the male sex!

I could go on and on about men are backward thinkers, but what does that really mean? How can you really understand what I am talking about? If your anything like me, then you're more of a visual learner, and that's why this short video that talks all about a man's thinking patern, and their fears of what makes them GO, and what makes them stop inapproaching women.

Take a moment and watch this video and really get your head wraped around the issue of not being able to get a guy to notice you.

You know what really bugs me? When all I ever hear is sexual and physcial advice to women, for being the reason a man won't notice you! This has 100% nothing to do with getting the attention of a very attractive high quaility guy. More over the reason he is over looking you, is because your vibe isn't vibing, it's like fishing... If you'r bait is dead under the water, then the fish won't be interested. We have to get you using live bait that wiggles in front of that guy so he can't help but pay attention. Visual learning for this topic and subject would be in your best interest...

Are you willing to work toward using the right bait to catch the right mate? If so then you'll find the time to watch the video and follow the advice that is set up for you in this short course.

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