7 Famous Sexy Movies SO HOT, You Won't Even Need Foreplay

These sexy movies take visual stimulation to a whole new level. NSFW!

sexy movies swept away Swept Away (1974)

Everyone loves sexy movies, right? But not everyone loves them the same way... 

See, most of us have our favorite senses, and those senses play a huge role in how we get turned on

If you are primarily visual, you find it easy to create mental pictures. You may have good spatial awareness and you notice sights first.

If you are primarily auditory, you think in words, sounds, speech, and dialog (reading falls into this category).


You notice a person's tone of voice, or the words someone uses above what he looks like.

If you are primarily kinesthetic or proprioceptive, you respond to feelings in the body, touch, temperature. Sometimes emotion is placed into this category.

Gustatory (taste) and olfactory (smell) are often considered together. A powerful scent or taste may take you to a truly sexy place

Finding out what sense is most powerful to you is an easy way to get intimate and spice up your sex lifeYou can even play up these senses as a form of foreplay.

For those of you who are primarily visual, here are my top 7 sexy movies to expand your sexual repertoire for intimacy.


If you are an auditory person, scroll down for 8 SUPER SEXY audio books, too. 


1. Swept Away (1974, original version)

This sexy film is many leveled, with Lina Wertmuller, and starring Giancarlo Giannini.. The erotic level explores power dynamics between men and women.

This is the original version which in my opinion is FAR hotter than the 2002 version with Madonna. 



2. Secretary (2002)

 This hot Steven Shainberg film starring James Spader is a far better introduction to BDSM and kinky sex than 50 Shades of Grey.


3. Baise Moi (2000).


One of the film-makers (Coraline Trinh Thi) famously said, "This film is not for masturbation so it is not porn."  

You be the judge …

4. The Hunger (1983)

A brilliant SEXY vampire movie starring David Bowie.


5. Henry and June (1990)

Philip Kaufmann’s adaptation of Anais Nin’s memoir, turned into a powerful sexy film. 



6. Brokeback Mountain (2005)

An epic love story between two cowboys.


7. The Piano (1993)

Another complex hot film starring Harvey Keitel with Jane Campion.


If you are more auditory, here are my top 7 books to expand your sexual menu:

1. The Marketplace by Laura Antoniou (book 1 of the Marketplace Series)

This is the most brilliant BDSM series about an underground society of masters, slaves, trainers, and mistresses. The characters are deep and rich. The whole series is well written and is sexy as hell. There is an Audible version as well if you like to listen.



2. Telepaths Don’t Need Safewords Cecelia Tan


This is a great sci-fi/fantasy erotic story. Cecelia Tan excels at writing erotic in the science fiction and fantasy genres.

Book two in this series (The Velderet) is a proper novel if you want more after you read this. Cecelia Tan started Circlet Press who publish the best science fiction and fantasy erotica you can find. The link goes to their Patreon page in case you want to support their fine work.


3. Delta of Venus by Anais Nin 


This is the most popular of her books and is considered a modern classic.

4. Therese and Isabelle Violette Leduc


A story about two boarding school girls in love.  Originally published in 1954.


5. Vox Nicholson Baker

This one has only two characters who detail their fantasies for each other. It is famous for being the book that Monica Lewinsky gave to Bill Clinton.


6. 9 and a Half Weeks by Elizabeth McNeil


This foray into a BDSM relationship is both hot and intense. Emotions run high throughout. This is a memoir, not a novel.


7. The Story of O



8. Return to the Chateau


Pauline Reage French Classic story of O, a photographer who becomes a slave at her boyfriend’s behest.Reage French Classic story of O, a photographer who becomes a slave at her boyfriend’s behest.


If you are gustatory and olfactory, why not consider creating a smorgasbord of different tastes, smells, and textures of food as part of your foreplay?

Then feed each other. I would suggest including mostly finger foods —  sweet, sour, savoury, bitter, and umami flavors.  


If you are primarily kinaesthetic, enjoy the movies and focus on the emotions they evoke and any feelings in the body.

Dr. Lori Beth is an intimacy/sex coach and psychologist who helps individuals, couples and polyamorous groups create their ideal lasting relationships. She loves to discover new erotic turn-ons and helps her clients to expand their sexual menus.  You can sign up for her newsletter and find out more about her adventures on her website and check out The A to Z of Sex podcast on iTunes. Write to her with your questions by clicking here.


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