5 Powerful, Teasing Foreplay Techniques For Sex That's HOT AS HELL

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There is a rumor that just won't die: that men don't enjoy foreplay. Let me tell you right now, this just is not true. Men adore foreplay, especially if you use the right foreplay techniques on him. And if you do foreplay the right way, he will literally explode in orgasmic bliss.

Below are five of my most powerful foreplay techniques that will have your man pretty much begging you for sex.

1. Build up the sexual tension.

Sexual tension is a funny creature when it comes to sex and foreplay. Most people don't consider sexual tension when thinking about foreplay. Why? Because it's not a physical foreplay technique. The thing is that they're absolutely right — building sexual tension is not a physical foreplay technique; it's a mental one. 

People forget that sex is both a physical and mental experience, so it's important to use both mental and physical foreplay on your man. How can you build sexual tension with your man?

  • Send him slightly naughty text messages like, "I've got something planned for later, and I've got a feeling you're going to like it," or "Can't wait to wrap my lips around you tonight."
  • When you are both together but can't get physical, try using some teasing comments such as, "I can't wait to rip your clothes off later," or "If we were alone, I would jump you right here, right now."
  • Gently brush your hand over his butt, crotch and other sensitive areas in a way that could be interpreted as accidental to arouse your man.

2. Hone your oral sex skills.

Building sexual tension, rubbing, caressing and groping him, as well as kissing more than his lips, are great for building up to getting really sexual. What about sligthy more sexual foreplay? I'm glad you asked. A crucial sex skill that your man will thank you for is learning how to give a great blow job. Here's how.

  • Use your hand. It allows you to control how deep you take him as well as giving him a completely different sensation to your mouth.
  • Use your whole mouth. Many only use their lips when giving their man a blow job, using a simple in and out motion. Don't forget about all the great things you can do to him with your tongue. Try licking the tip and swirling it all around the top part of his member.
  • Don't forget about his testicles. Your man's testicless are incredibly sensitive. So when you are giving him a blow job, make sure to pay some attention to them. You can use your hands or your mouth to massage and stimulate them.

3. Rub, caress, and grope him.

When you both finally have a chance to get physical with each other, you may be eager to rip his clothes off. But if you can hold back and take things slow, then sex is going to be a lot more fun for both of you. Rubbing, caressing and groping him outside his clothes will make him absolutely desperate for more. Here are a few specific things you can do.

  • Slowly run your hand along the inside of his leg from just above his knee right up to his crotch. When you reach his crotch, start softly and slowly, massaging him through his trousers.
  • If you are both standing up, gently grab and pinch his butt.
  • While you are fooling around in bed, straddle your man and rub your crotch over his penis to tease him of what he's going to get later.
  • When you are kissing him, try putting your arms under his so you can grab him and pull him in close to you.

4. Kiss more than just his lips.

This is so easy to do, yet so many girls never bother with it because they think it's boring. But it's not one bit boring. So besides his lips, where can you kiss him?

5. Learn how to take control.

Usually, guys are the dominant partner in the bedroom, but from time to time it can be really hot if you take control. Some of the things you can do to take control in the bedroom include:


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