YEEHAW: The Top 20 SEXY Movies To 'Netflix And Chill' With

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Study Discover The Movies That Mention Sex

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When you're inviting someone over for some Netflix and chill, you take into consideration the movie you both want to watch and enjoy. Assuming that you're actually going to watch some Netflix, you might go for something safe, like a comedy or thriller, or maybe even a horror movie. 

But assuming that you're "chilling" right after, these genres don't exactly set the mood. Or can they? Believe it or not, these genres can still open the door for sexy time with your date. You just have to pick the right title. 

The team at Dr. Ed, the online medical service, examined 1,213 movie scripts for mentions of sex and sex-related topics. They examined which genres and actors talked about sex the most, and whether the topic affects movie ratings.

They found that 50 percent of movies that mention sex are from comedies. Not necessarily rom-coms, just comedies in general. In fact, comedy actors like Seth Rogen and Michael Cera make up majority of the top ten actors who mention sex. The top spot is occupied by Geoffrey RushLeslie Mann, Julianne Moore, and Holly Hunter were the only women on the list.

Less than one percent come from fantasy-genres, so you might want to skip Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

"As it becomes increasingly clear that gratuitous nudity is not what viewers clamor to see, the mention of sex still proves to be intriguing and prevalent throughout recent cinematic times," concludes Dr. Ed.

So, what exactly should you pick? An infographic, created by Dr. Ed, details the top 20 movies that mention sex and everything related to it.

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Understandably, the romantic comedy Shakespeare In Love, starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Joseph Fiennes, took the top spot. Interestingly, it was followed by the political drama and thriller Anonymous with Rhys Ifans. The third spot was taken by the only action film in the list, From Dusk Till Dawn, starring Harvey Keitel and George Clooney

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The rest of the list is a mix of romantic comedies, regular comedies, and drama. Check out the rest of their findings here. Happy Netflix and chilling!