6 Oh-So Sexy Foods To Bring Into The Bedroom

couple enjoying stawberries
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Get ready to switch things up with some tasty treats.

With all the nibbling, licking, and kissing that occurs during foreplay, adding edible ingredients is a surefire way to end the night with fireworks. The best part: You probably already have these foreplay-worthy foods right in your kitchen.

Whipped cream: I'll be honest. The biggest workout my canister of whipped cream gets is on my coffee or on my kids' pancakes and milkshakes. But those decadent, fluffy clouds of sweetness are the gateway food for sexy. Not only can you create a bikini Friday Night Lights-style using whipped cream, but the cold cream on a hot, writhing body will elicit gasps of delight.

Strawberries (champagne optional): What goes better with whipped cream than strawberries? Feed your partner with the ripe, juicy fruit and use your tongue to help clean up the "mess." For extra credit, pick up chocolate-covered strawberries.

Find the rest of the list here: 6 Best Foreplay Foods From Your Kitchen



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