The 6 BEST Foods For Foreplay (That Are Already In Your Kitchen)

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sexy foreplay foods

By Thien-Kim Lam

With all the nibbling, licking, and kissing that occurs during foreplay, adding edible ingredients is a surefire way to end the night with fireworks. The best part: You probably already have these foreplay-worthy foods right in your kitchen.

1. Whipped cream:

I'll be honest. The biggest workout my canister of whipped cream gets is in my coffee or on my kids' pancakes and milkshakes. But those decadent, fluffy clouds of sweetness are the gateway food for sexy. Not only can you create a bikini Friday Night Lights-style using whipped cream, but the cold cream on a hot, writhing body will elicit gasps of delight.

2. Strawberries (champagne optional):

What goes better with whipped cream than strawberries? Feed your partner with the ripe, juicy fruit and use your tongue to help clean up the "mess." For extra credit, pick up chocolate-covered strawberries.

3. Chocolate syrup: 

We love eating chocolate when we're PMSing, but don't pigeonhole this fridge staple. Grab a paintbrush and turn each other's bodies into a masterpiece... that you get to lick off later. Or use it to write "kiss me" or "lick here" on your body. Those are definitely directions that guys will follow.

4. Ice pops: 

This childhood frozen treat is not just for cooling down during hot summer days. Slowly eat an ice pop in front of your guy and let it melt and drip all over your naked body. They're also perfect for giving him a preview of what you might do to his ice pop.

5. (Warm, not hot) tea or coffee: 

Taking a sip of tea or coffee before licking or nibbling those oh-so-sensitive spots will make your guy sigh with pleasure. Better yet, alternate between a hot beverage and a cold one. Just make sure your tea or coffee is more warm than hot. Burned tongues will definitely kill the mood.

6. Mints: 

Those curiously strong mints make me less self-conscious after eating a Caesar salad, but sneak a tiny one in your mouth before oral sex. The simultaneous burst of cool and hot are sure to make your skin tingle. Plus, you'll have fantastic breath afterward.

Health tip: make sure to stock your pantry with dairy-free, sugar-free versions of sugary treats on this list if you plan on consuming them below the belt. Our lady bits don't react well to dairy or sugar.

Add one of these foods to your next lovemaking session and you won't regret it. Remember, you'll work off the calories!

This article was originally published at Momtastic. Reprinted with permission from the author.