5 Sexy Movies To Inspire You In Love

Relationship advice from Patrick Swayze? Yes, please.

Sexy Movies: 5 Movies To Teach You About Relationships

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the definition of "sexy" includes descriptions such as attractive, exciting, sexually suggestive or stimulating, bodacious, desirable, hot, and luscious. I love these words. They're so descriptive of the slow, simmering sense of sexy.

In this article, I'll be focusing on the "suggestive" version of sexy by talking about suggestive and sexy scenes in some very hot movies: Bull Durham, Flash Dance, Dirty Dancing, Scent of a Woman, and Notorious. Read on to learn why these films are sexy... and what you can learn from them. 


5. Bull Durham
In this movie, Crash Davis (Kevin Costner) is a very masculine baseball catcher. Annie Savoy (Susan Sarandon) is a woman in a man's world who uses her feminine wiles to coach rookie baseball players. The winning line for me (and one that pulls the rug out from under Annie) is when Crash says what he thinks is important is "the small of a woman's back, good scotch and long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days." Annie is so taken with his words, she is barely able to reply, "Oh, my!" A close second is when Crash ties Annie's hands to the headboard and paints her toenails. This one made me say, "Oh, my!"


Dating and love lessons: These scenes are appealing and sexy because women tends to be drawn to a man who feels confident about who he is and who knows what he wants. In a relationship, hearing a man talk about what he likes and desires (and knowing that he can give it to you) is very sexy.

4. Flashdance
During dinner, Alex (Jennifer Beals) slowly eats lobster with her hands, licks her fingers after each bite and consistently stares at Nick (Michael Nouri) while saying comments full of double meanings (and it's obvious the meanings are sexual). The pinnacle of this scene is when Alex takes off her shoe and puts her stocking foot in Nick's crotch and curls her toes. Another "Oh, my!" moment, for sure. And then there's the sexy scene where, as Alex is talking to Nick, she removes her bra without taking off her top — clearly, an example of a strong woman taking the lead and showing her man that she's comfortable with her sexuality.

Dating and love lessons: During the courting portion of a relationship, it's great to have the man take the lead. In most cases, men like to pursue, and women enjoy being pursued. However, once a relationship starts to get established, scenes like these add spice. Because, occasionally in a relationship, a man likes it when the woman takes the sexual lead. (Have you ever gone to dinner in just a coat and high heels)?

3. Dirty Dancing.
This movie is over 25 years old, and still, both men and women are drawn to it. Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) is the older, experienced, and rough-around-the-edges dance teacher. Frances "Baby" Houseman (Jennifer Grey) is the young, naive, dance student. Throughout this movie, each dancing scene (with and without Johnny and Baby) shows the seduction and sensuality of dancing.


Dating and love lesson: Hello! Have you ever considered dancing as foreplay?

2. Scent of a Woman.
Frank (Al Pacino) asks Donna (Gabrielle Anwar) if she'd like to learn to tango. She says she afraid she'll make a mistake. In response to this, Frank says, "There are no mistakes in the tango." Frank is a confident leader and knows the dance will be more enjoyable for both of them if Donna eventually relaxes.

Dating and love lessons: A great part of this scene is when Donna laughs — openly and genuinely — showing us that she's very relaxed. When a woman feels relaxed with a man, she tends to feel even more sexy. One of the ways to relax as a woman is to know this truth: if he's asked you out, he likes you. Pressure's off!

1. Notorious.
During the 40's, there was a rule that kisses in the movies couldn't last more than three minutes. To get around this, Alfred Hitchcock told Devlin (Cary Grant) and Alicia (Ingrid Bergman) to only kiss for two and a half minutes. However, what transpired was a scene in which they kissed for eleven minutes... two and a half minutes at a time. (Note: In reality, Alicia was looking for someone to kill her husband, and was seducing Devlin to do just that. However, we'll ignore that for the moment and just look at the impact of the sexy scene.)


Dating and love lessons: Sexy heat is generated by the actors because, in between their kisses, they gaze into each other's eyes, whisper to each other, and keep their bodies pressed close together. Taking your time while kissing will definitely build up the heat and anticipation for anything that could come next (even if it's just more kissing).

So, it's fascinating, isn't it? Movie scenes like these, set up to be intensely "suggestive," can carry enormous sexual power. I hope these give you lots of "sexy suggestions" to add the perfect spice to your love life.

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Christine Baumgartner  
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