5 Tried-And-True Foreplay Tips To Tease And Tempt Him


Guys love foreplay — if you do it right!

I often get questions about whether or not guys enjoy foreplay before sex.

The truth is this: They really enjoy it!

Foreplay is one of those sex activities that gets a bad rep for being something stereotypically designed to strictly satisfy women so they’ll “put up” with advances from their partner. Fortunately, this stereotype is entirely untrue. If you’re not attempting to make the most of your love making by having some hot, steamy foreplay before you get to the nitty-gritty with your guy, then you are missing out on a fantastic part of your sexual experience.

Foreplay isn’t just a “warm up” for ladies—it’s a portion of sex that involves both partners paying exclusive attention to what turns the other on. It’s a time for exploring your wants, desires, and even some fantasies that you’ve been secretly wanting to try out.


If you do foreplay right, then you are both going to enjoy love making a whole lot more.

But, what exactly is foreplay? Whether you have your go-to move, or you’re uncertain of where to start, there’s a way to get everyone involved in the fun so that you can both enjoy yourselves equally. There are ways to tease a man during foreplay that will turn him on like crazy, get him hungry with want for you, and even have him become absolute putty in your hands.

So, if you’re looking for a way to get your guy ultra turned on, then here are some hot foreplay tips just for him that will absolutely rock his world!

Here are 5 ultra-satisfying tips to make foreplay a top priority and turn "rushing into sex" a thing of the past:

1. Look your best.


Remember, guys are visual by nature. They get turned on by what they see. So, taking care of how you look is a high priority if you want to turn your man on and arouse him. Think of this as a "pre" foreplay tip to use before you even begin touching him. If you are both going to a party together, dressing up in something sexy and hot is going to start turning your man on hours before you start getting physically intimate. This is great for building sexual tension with him.

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2. Talk dirty.


Talking dirty is another one of my "pre" foreplay tips to use on your man throughout the day, before you are both alone together, as well as during foreplay itself. This is to build the sexual tension and have your man salivating for you. Many people believe that dirty talk involves you using various expletives and bad language on your partner. They believe that the crazier they sound, the better. This, thankfully, isn't true. It's much easier than that!

You just need to tell him what you enjoy, why he turns you on and what you want to do to him. As well as this, it's always a good idea to throw in some vague statements to keep him guessing and thinking about you. 

3. Learn how to be a good kisser.


Too many people think that kissing is a boring foreplay technique. It's not boring at all. And if you do it with passion and intensity, then it can be incredibly hot! The key is taking the initiative. In other words, you need to kiss your man first before he gets a chance to kiss you.

One thing you can do to make this foreplay tip hotter is by getting a little more aggressive:

  • Try squeezing one of his lips between your lips.
  • Gently bite one of his lips between your teeth (Remember: be gentle!)
  • Use your hand to move his head to one side or the other so that you can change where you kiss him.
  • Switch from kissing him on the lips to sucking his ear lobe to kissing him on the neck.
  • Don't forget to kiss the rest of his body!

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4. Learn how to use your hands.


While kissing your man, you can incorporate another foreplay tip, which is touching and massaging your man with your hands. Use these tips:

  • Alternate how passionately you touch him. At first touch him and caress him very softly, then later grab him and hold him tight. You may even want to try using your nails sometimes!
  • Try dragging your finger tips over his arm as lightly as possible. It tickles, but feels incredible.
  • Your man's inner thighs, cheeks, ears, neck and the back of his head are most sensitive ... speaking of which.

5. Massage his scalp.


Massaging your man's scalp is one of those forgotten foreplay tips that feels wonderful for your man (and when your man does it to you, too!). You can do it while you are just sitting down beside each other, when you are lying in bed, when you are kissing each other or even while making love, too. But don't just scrape his head with your nails! To massage his scalp, start from the bottom near the back of his neck or just above his ear.

Keeping your hand loose, start to slowly push your fingers through his hair up towards the top of his head. When you reach the top of his head, curl your fingers slightly and gently bring them down in the opposite direction, lightly scratching his head.

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