15 Sexy Questions To Ask A Woman — And Turn Her All The Way On

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The Best Dirty, Flirty Sex Questions To Ask A Girl To Turn Her On

Men can all agree that there is something incredibly sexy about getting a woman aroused simply by talking dirty to her. There are so many ways to turn a girl on just by speaking! And now, thanks to technology, we can add hot sexting to that list, too.

If you're looking for the best dirty questions to ask a girl, whether you plan to whisper them when you're face-to-face or send them along in some steamy text messages to up the ante before you see each other again, you’ve got to have a game plan.

Some areas of dirty talk are generally safe to attempt, while some others are more likely to be taboo, so if you really want to know how to turn a girl on, it’s smart to have an idea of good list of sexy questions and dirty talk examples ready in advance.

Whether you’re a pro who already knows how to talk dirty or a relative newcomer who feels a little uncertain, these are skills everyone can better at with time and practice.

It never hurts to try out new flirty sex questions to ask your girlfriend or wife so you can both figure out what works and what doesn’t.

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Once you've done this, you'll know how to arouse that special woman in your life in a way that makes her feel exceptionally sexy.

Dirty talking is a great way to get you both aroused and excited for what’s to come, especially if you’re planning on taking it slow and including plenty of other foreplay ideas and sex games into the mix.

After all, scientific research has found that people who communicate better are more likely to having a satisfying sex life!

Important disclaimer: While some guys might use these questions to flirt with a girl they’ve just met, that's not always advisable. Women often feel offended (that's a little too much, too soon, buddy!) rather than aroused. It's best to save these kind of naughty questions for a woman who's solidly in your life.

For you guys who want to know how to get a girl turned on, here are the best dirty questions to ask a girl in order to get her in a hot and heavy mindset for sex.

1. "What do you wear when you go to bed?"

This is always a good question to start with since it gets her thinking about the bedroom and often leads to questions about sexy lingerie and flirty pajamas. Ask her about any sexy nightgowns she likes to wear, and whether or not she sleeps in the nude.

2. "What is your sexiest outfit?"

Find out what she thinks she looks sexiest wearing. You might be surprised! Sometimes, long-term couples learn a little more about each other's sexual fantasies by asking this innocent question. For some it's the perfect opportunity to tell their partners about a sexy new outfit they've been wanting to try on.

3. "Have you ever accidentally (or purposely) watched another couple make out?"

This is the perfect question to ask to slowly give your line of questioning more sexual overtones. Since you're inquiring about the sexual activities of other people, she's more likely to continue to relax and play along with your line of sensual questioning.

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4. "Have you ever decided to kiss or make out with a guy just because you were horny?"

Men often stereotype women, believing that females don't get the same primal sexual urges that men do. News flash! Women also experience sudden bursts of sexual desire and feel no shame about acting on them. Getting her to open up about a wild make out fling not only gives her a chance to brag, but it's the perfect opportunity to let her know that you wouldn't mind if she made out with you.

5. "If you could see any part of a man's body first, which part would it be?"

Try and encourage her to name something other than the standard answers that include his eyes. Encourage her to pick any part of his anatomy. Have fun discussing why she chose this particular part of a man's body and why this turns her on.

6. "What's your secret move to turn a guy on?"

Be sure to make her describe this move in detail and ask suggestive questions about it yourself. The more she talks about performing a specific sexual act, the more aroused she is likely to become.

7. "Where is the one place on your body that always gets you in the mood?"

Not only will this question let you know her sexual preferences, it will also cause her to visualize them. As she is describing her stimulating zone, chances are she is also thinking about it. This question helps to get her aroused and can also improve your technique with her in the bedroom.

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8. "Do you get aroused from receiving a massage?"

Some women find it easy to become sexually aroused during a massage and others find it extremely difficult. However she feels about this, you can help her become aroused just by describing how a massage given by you will feel.

9. "Do you want me to kiss you?"

Any questions involving kissing almost always have a woman picturing physical intimacy with her partner. By having her describe some of your more passionate kisses, she can visualize the romantic encounter between you and become aroused hoping that it happens again.

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10. "Do you enjoy oral sex?"

No matter what answer she gives, you already have her thinking about sexual intercourse.

11. "Would I look better with body hair or completely shaved?"

While this question will not garner a lot of discussion, it will have her picturing you naked and aroused.

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12. "What can I do to help you become aroused?" (Or more casually: "What can I do to turn you on?")

This question will make her appreciate much more, and it's is also a good way for you to learn what she truly enjoys.

13. "Are these questions arousing you?"

If the questions haven't gotten her wet, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to begin describing everything sexual you would like to do to her. Once she has this visual in her head, she is sure to become turned on.

14. "May I kiss you now?"

Although very subtle, this question lets her know that you're craving her presence.

15. "Would you like me to touch you now?"

By the time you ask her these last two questions, hopefully, she'll feel sexually aroused and be waiting for you to satisfy her to the best of your ability.

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