7 Tips For Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

7 Tips For Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress [EXPERT]

From color to fit and everything in-between, learn how to find your dream gown!

He popped the question. You've set the date. Now what?

As a former costume designer and image consultant, I have dressed many brides and bridal parties in real life and on television. While there is usually more drama behind the scenes of television shows, everyone faces real challenges. Here are seven tips to keep in mind when shopping for your wedding dress.

1. Make sure your bridal consultant knows what you want. Bridal consultants are great, if they understand you. You both need to be on the same page. If the consultant is too pushy or not listening to your wants, cut them loose. It is your day and they are  supposed to help, not hinder.

2. Looking for your "dream dress?" If you're going for off-the-rack and they are dirty and stained in the showroom, beware. The salon may not look after your well-being either. Get all the extra charges upfront and in writing. Some salons add extra fitting charges. Have your final fitting close to your wedding date, 
so the dress can be adjusted for any changes in your weight. First Date: 5 Tips To Dress To Impress

When trying on gowns, wear make up and style your hair. Bring a variety of bras, shapers and appropriate shoes. If you have a picture of your "dream dress," and it is not available, then definitely check into having a dress custom designed and made for you. Oftentimes, the price difference is negligible.

3. When wearing white ... Know your best white. There are many shades of white, some stark and some creamy. If you have cool skin, with blue and pink undertones, white-white, gray-white and blue-white work best. If your skin is warm, with peach and yellow undertones, then go with ivory or cream. Try different white dresses on to determine your best color.

Have a professional color analysis, if you can't figure this out. Never think that changing your makeup will make the dress look better. If the color is wrong, it is wrong. Trust me. Do not be afraid of a light color, if white does not sing to you. I have designed many pastel and bright wedding dresses. I find the trend to be fresh, bold and unconventional. Hey, it is your day. Wear the color you like. How To Make A Confident First Impression

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