First Date: 5 Tips To Dress To Impress

First Date: 5 Tips To Dress To Impress [EXPERT]

On your next date, use these 5 tips when picking out what you are going to wear!

Women like men who take care of themselves. Men who look good and dress well. But, my friend, I bet you don't know what looking good really means. Can you wear your camouflage pants on a first date? What about your favorite concert t-shit, the one that is worn out? How about your baseball cap?

Trust me, some day you will be able to wear your favorite comfy clothes. But, not on the first, second or even third date. First dates are all about impressions. You better make them good. Most of you should know that people make major decisions and judgments based on appearances. So, it is up to you to grab the opportunity to look your best when you score a first date. How To Make A Confident First Impression

Here are five tips for dressing for dating success. Mull these over and then apply them. You will see how your dating life will improve.

1. Pull yourself together from head to toe. Get a haircut, groom your nails, check your teeth and polish your shoes. Don't skip these details because they are absolute dating deal breakers.

2. Wear a shirt that enhances your eye color, skin tone and hair color to make you look healthy and vibrant. Look around your closet and pull out the one shirt that, when you wear it, everyone says you look amazing. Don't have one of those? Then I guarantee you're not wearing colors that make you look great. 

3. Make sure your clothes fit properly. Too tight? You're going to look scrawny or pudgy. Too baggy? You look sloppy and like someone who doesn't care about himself or his date. 16 Essential First-Date Tips

4. Bulk up your chest. Horizontal stripes, heavier, textured fabrics and knits will give you bulk. Slightly wider lapels on jackets help as well.

5. Got a belly? Besides going to the gym, you are best off with darker colors or vertical strips along with soft, matte fabrics. This creates a longer, leaner look. At all costs, avoid shiny shirts.

Don't forget to wear a big smile. Women like to see a man smile. Should I Have Sex On The First Date?

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